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  1. Excellent. You at the game Saturday? I'll bring them and if your happy you can take them. I'll DM you.
  2. Got two Saints tops for sale which I was given by the players after a tour of the stadium. Steven Thomson's and Ryan McCay's. Thomson's is XL McCay's is L. £15 for both or £10 each. I'm at most home games if anyone wants these. Pet and smoke free home. Thanks.
  3. As far as I'm aware Teale and Thommo have to start 25 games in all competitions to trigger the second year of the contract. Teale won't do this now but if he's fit and able, id give him the 14/15 campaign.
  4. Had Pipex for 7 years now. Unlimited download for £17 per month & not one single problem in that time.
  5. quikstu

    Top 5 Intro's

    If you want blood you got it. AC/DC
  6. Houston Bud just gave me the Arcade Fire CD the other day. Liking it! Just now listening to the new Chilli Peppers CD, Stadium Arcadium. Nice
  7. quikstu

    Setanta Freeview

    My estate's been up for 20yrs & hasn't got NTL! Sky all the way. Where can these Setanta codes be found?????????????
  8. quikstu

    Favourite Cars

    I stand corrected! Sorry, you are correct. That was obviously from memory. Just looked out my old college stuff & checked it for TEMPSC.
  9. quikstu

    Favourite Cars

    I'd like to dispute that one! From my SOLAS manual (answers please!) TEMPSC is short for "Totally Enclosed Marine Personnel Survival Craft".
  10. quikstu

    Favourite Cars

    Only sold the Corrado in May. Still quite a few about. There's a few in Paisley. Also got a bike ( & a VW Polo - shh).
  11. 6. A kiss from the mother in law. 7. A kiss from the father in laws mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. quikstu

    Favourite Cars

    1. MGF - shit car, FANTASTIC fun 2. VW Corrado VR6 - fast as f*ck, brilliant fun, gas guzzler.
  13. The Uplift Mofo Party Plan - Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Especially track 1, 'Fight Like A Brave'. Sundays Theme for me. Mental preparation!
  14. Very good Sid! Oh, and my "soupedupbangersforsale" AGAIN if you are interested Sid?
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