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  1. It’s pretty poor. Last season 4 wins at home in league whilst this season we sit at 3. It’s been many draws granted but still it really has to get better . It’s not good enough
  2. Old firm games too. Why should we hand over half our park to them
  3. What’s not worth the bother. What I’m saying is the board say it’s down to money but if I can pay a few quid extra on my season ticket and get the kids in then I’m all for it
  4. That’s how it should be every game. Pricing was good and fans came out. I’m happy to pay extra on my season ticket if it means we can do more of what we did today. There’s no reason for our own fans being shunted anymore. Cash is important but I’m sure everyone would agree it was great today
  5. Meanwhile the mighty Livi seem set for a third top six in a row. Something not right here if we simply can’t progress when others are.
  6. I am a member but had to leave the meeting early - can anyone tell me what was said about the potential cash flow concerns ?
  7. Absolutely. Is he even in our hall of fame?
  8. Yes that was about the time I heard it. Gus was on more than 2.5 k
  9. We’ve paid a manager well before and from what I was told it was more than 2.5k pw
  10. We were paying Gus a lot of money back in 2009/10
  11. How about let’s chase top four ? Let’s try to get to hampden ? We need to act quick and any temporary measure is no use . Just look at Man united. Let’s go for someone who knows the game and has experience
  12. Experience will be important at this stage . We can do really well this season and I fear a rookie might struggle initially
  13. I’d just like someone who’s been a manager before to guide us thro this. I’m not convinced letting these guys go from schoolboy football coaching to premier league. I’m aware Naismith is a Scotland coach but he’s hardly picking the tactics never mind the team
  14. Really annoyed Mcinnes went to Kilmarnock. Always quite liked him
  15. Honestly some people grasping at straws here with crazy ideas about who’s next. It’ll be underwhelming as we won’t pay the cash simple
  16. I’d reckon Jim could be on 100k. I remember in 2010 Gus being on more can you believe. I’d be surprised if Glass was on anything near 500k tho. I’d think he might have been around 175/200 k ?
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