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  1. The team is an awful watch. Slow build up with Annick used every third pass. The striker situation doesn’t look good and the tactics are horrible to watch . They are also not working. Five home wins in 18 months is a shocking record and we do have the look of a team on the slide. No wins in 9 games now with a hard run now til the shutdown it looks grim. Jim persisting with the formation is now borderline embarrassing not to mention hopeless. Is he under any real pressure tho? It’s brutal to watch so boring and our play is predictable Can we just accept that Livingston continue to perform better than us , above us again on a lesser budget? Or that Kilmarnock, county, St j , well , Thistle and Livi have all finished top six before. We are miles off top six much further than last year . Also for the guy slagging Obika is have him ahead of any of the three we had available today.
  2. I think we need some answers and without this the rumour mill will continue to churn out stories.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Really hope our w7 fans don’t miss the mark with this. The club doesn’t answer the phone and in general everything from a fan’s perspective has got worse.
  4. Let’s get the Kibble out of our club. Regroup as a fan base and get back to paying our money to own our club.
  5. Yes most worried about our next result but I do believe jim will dig a win out in the next month.
  6. The attendance was announced as 3800 v county / I have read actually it was 2300? Anyone know about this. I am worried about the apathy surrounding the club at min. I look back at games before the pandemic and the stands look a fair bit busier than they do now. Sure I’m imagining the internet stream takes some away but surely after missing footy for a season our fans wanted back? Are attendances declining as they appear to be ?
  7. Is that the same Livingston that despite having the lowest budget in the league have twice finished in the top six in the previous two seasons? Let’s remember county, Killie, stj and partick have all managed this feat. Sadly we look miles off it this season.
  8. I too felt that at the time the chairman was Out of order and should resign. Now I’m not so sure. What I do know is that this can’t go on the club we all love is being taken away from us the people who matter most. I don’t feel as close to the club and I know so many others who say the same. The fans must act now and reclaim our club. If it takes another six years so be it let’s get together and pay the cash each month to truly be fan owned. At present the kibble have paid 400k is it and are from what I can tell running Everything. It’s a shambles and it cannot go on
  9. For me since kibble became involved nothing had improved for the fans. The leadership of the club is non existent and for your ordinary fan things are worse in every department out with the playing side. You can’t tell me that the organisation, Communications and General running of the club are better. Nobody answers the phone and I feel less close to our team than I ever have. Let’s go back to paying our money to actually own our club. Time for the kibble to go
  10. Jim signed the players and he sets the style of play. Sadly after a decent spell mid sept until end of oct it’s all went v stale. Our home form is atrocious with 5 league wins in a season and a half. We play better football away from home than we do at home. Dundee , Livingston and County were horrendous to watch. Rest assured we will regret taking 2 points from those Three games. Top six all but a pipe dream when you can’t win at least one of them.
  11. 5 home league wins in a season and in half in the league . Very poor indeed
  12. Absolutely terrible. I cannot understand how we are so poor these days. It really feels like things are not going well at all. The organisation and communication is so poor. The club should have been pushing for a higher initial allocation and sending back any unsold tickets. Or how about they put them on sale online and let people buy them like we used to do. Honestly a premier league team in name only .
  13. I wish to say the people working are trying hard but simple things like posting tickets etc would help . Obviously there’s not enough staff to man The phones Etc
  14. Four months on and nothing has improved. 1.you can’t get through to the club as nobody answers the phones. 2. To buy a ticket living fair distance away is a nightmare. People have no chance of getting one with this nonsensical format of having to go to the ticket office. 3. When you do turn up there is no que but still you need to wait 10 mins watching the only staff member fails to acknowledge me whilst on a phone call? I mean what is that all about. 4. when entering the shop to buy some kits your told we only have A handful of gk kits and we aren’t getting anymore. I mean a premier league club with say six kits and no socks to go with them. So how many children will want the kit but will be disappointed. Only last season all 3 colours were available? What again is going on. I also couldn’t get a five year old a pair of home shorts today? It’s absolutely terrible that our club is not capable of doing better. 5 The panda club was meant to return v Dundee then it was Livingston and now it’s Hibs. Unbelievable that a premier league club can’t get this sorted and worse still communicate this ? My son was left not knowing if it was on or off against Dundee ? Young fan disappointed and we can’t afford this. The chairman said on sept 6 we are listening and we will improve ? I mean even the pie stalls have a limited menu these days. No burgers or hot dogs for the kids. How much cash are we losing . Also I believe people are not attending in the same numbers. Sure many reasons but how many have we lost because of the absolutely terrible customer service and fan experience we offer.
  15. Does anyone know what our attendances have been this season. Are people not coming to games in the same numbers? I’m just asking Must yesterday’s crowd must be a huge concern for the board. I’ve noticed that our crowds haven’t been announced this season nor in the paper until yesterday
  16. Was the attendance that bad today. Was in main stand and I thought we had more than 3k but maybe folk are bored watching us at present?
  17. You’ve lost me but anyhow surely we can get better than these ?
  18. Well see before they commisssion any of these strips let’s ask for stripes on both sides ? To be honest the kits are a shambles and I wouldn’t be buying them . I bought my boys the kits this season despite the farcical sponsor issue and launch delay. Stripes on both sides can’t be too difficult to ask for ??
  19. Does anyone know if the panda club was on last Saturday. I had registered my son but there was no email confirming it was in nor was it mentioned on our website. Maybe someone on our board will eventually wake up and realise the messaging to the fans is absolutely terrible. Maybe they’ll organise it so that when you call the club you get an answer. We all asked two months ago but still there are no answers .
  20. Does anyone know if the panda club was on last Saturday. I had registered my son but there was no email confirming it was in nor was it mentioned on our website. Maybe someone on our board will eventually wake up and realise the messaging to the fans is absolutely terrible. Maybe they’ll organise it so that when you call the club you get an answer. We all asked two months ago but still there are no answers .
  21. Absolutely- I too am uncomfortable with their involvement in the club. It hasn’t made me feel closer to the club quite the opposite
  22. Let’s just call this out now it can’t go on. I’ll pay extra on my ticket and let’s push up the ticket price too for them. Introduce a lottery or a 50-50 draw do anything but throw out e families who are seated there . It’s a disgrace and it’s an advantage that cannot be allowed to continue. Let’s get the panda back out there and let’s see if we can get those 1000 fans back into a safe environment to support our team. I’m sick that they won’t come when the big two are in town. Imagine the difference they’ll make - I k pe I might be in the minority at present but I’ll happily pay an extra 27 quid on my ticket price to stop this - or how about we as Smisa say take the cash from the pot we provide ? Stop donating to things for a few months and fill the shortfall from the 2 pot? If it doesn’t happen that the club give our stand back then I’m done with Smisa and the 12 quid a month
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