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  1. Well done mate you’ve nailed it here. Also Tony defending the balloting policy which is so unfair . Can’t he see this that we all paid our cash last year to see no games and that we all deserve a chance to see our team? Instead some have had two games whilst others have none. On my ticket front I drove an hour yesterday to see about getting my renewal kids tickets sorted. I knew I wouldn’t get ticket staff but as it was my only day to do so I took a chance. I was met with a reception lady who assured me they’d call me first thing today. They never. I know people are fed up with me moaning but when you go home and away to every game for 25 years and you email, call and indeed visit the club you kinda get a bit annoyed at the complete shambles the club are with tickets. also the clubs PR and lack of clear messaging this summer has been astounding. I mean are they sitting with their fingers in their ears ?
  2. On the park jim has done a good job but off it it’s been an absolute shambles. They’ve only had 16 months to prepare for this !! Two bob outfit
  3. This is exactly the same position I am in. I feel it’s been a shambles. This never happened before but it’s disappointing. I have two kids bursting to be saints fans with tickets and kits and yet like you I’m going through the same problem. I think there is quite a few others struggling with this too but the clubs PR has been utterly absent and if firing out # in you we trust and please be patient is good enough then I’m sorry. No automatic reply when you email either is another shambles. Nobody On ticket office phone or main reception. What is going on ? Have to laugh at the # always evolving crap too. Premier league team with a junior league set up. ps I live 45 mins away and have three Young kids So standing in que at ticket office hasn’t been an option either
  4. "the days of St.mirren selling players for 100 or 200k are over" quote from Vice Chairman Gillespie prior to Hamilton away in Scottish cup in April. Now in August it seems that we will sell a top centre half for just that. Sorry mate but I am not convinced.
  5. I have tried all week to get through to saints but nothing. I emailed mid june about adding my kids on and ho best to do it.Registered fine and waitied until general sale as thought i will get the boys tickets then seeing the club is busy . So on I go and the seat they have for me is not my seat but 4 sections along ? Ok I will just buy the two boys anyhow - nope won't let me do that either. Phone and email again but still nothing. I want to be clear I do not blame the people in the club i simply think there are not enough of them. And please for the love of God can we drop the "in you we trust" how about offering some fairness with the ballot? If you said two weeks ago those lucky enough to get Dunfermline wont get Thistle nobody would have bothered as its fair but not us. We have people getting both games whilst others get none? Totally unfair. We have all waited 16 months to get back and this is not good at all.
  6. Bang on . Premier league team with a junior club set up .
  7. And we are in fact a two bob outfit
  8. I don’t know what’s going on mate ? I don’t under the logic in this. We are all desperate to see the team again.
  9. So after 16 months away You just say if you got Dunfermline then great but out of fairness to the other fans who weren’t then they are the ones who will be entered for Partick. Fair and most people wouldn’t have an issue with this .
  10. 200k so much for our vice chairman saying the days of losing players on the cheap are gone. What a joke 200k - you wouldn’t get a decent centre half for 200k anywhere else.
  11. So many of us have been loyal fans for a long time . Now after 16 months of not seeing our team would it be too much to expect the club act fairly? How about the 500 lucky ticket holders for Dunfermline don’t have their number entered into the draw for Partick game this allowing the other season ticket holders a chance to see their team. Would anyone have been upset had this been stipulated before we played last week? It’s totally unfair that people have been able to attend both games whilst others haven’t had any. In you we trust is wearing thin. All I hear is that we the fans are amazing blah blah well how about giving us a fair shot at seeing our team?
  12. The online booking system is absolutely hopeless. Has me as sitting in the wrong section and seat now.
  13. There’s nothing on website or twitter about season tickets now being on general sale. Hopefully they put something out soon.
  14. I’d imagine it’ll go ahead selling seats that were not a season ticket holders from last season. I mean this is madness that people want to spend cash and buy tickets but they can’t. Tickets are reserved until Aug 2 for those who registered or had a ticket last season. We have what 3500 season ticket holders . So let’s get selling the rest
  15. 4 weeks on still no reply. I’m not blaming the staff but I think we could probably do with some extra staff to help in general. The season ticket situation has been a bit of a mess.
  16. 17 days and still no reply from the club. Think it’s safe they’re not getting back to me . Well done to those who are heading to the game on Tuesday. I was fortunate to be at Hampden for the Euros and the sheer joy of being back at a game was a privilege. I realise I’m in the minority but the clubs handling of this years ticketing has been abysmal.
  17. The black kit here looks a cracker. I’m often confused by those organising this as to why they continually flog the red away kit . All black or all white is so classy and would definitely sell more with older supporters too. The argument will be we’d likely need a third top too due to colours being too close to our home kit.
  18. Pu three stripes down the arms and you’d have a proper strip. The away kit looks a bit shit to be fair. Home top nice but for me an off the peg adidas with our badge on itv would be a much bigger seller. It would also just be much better.
  19. Still no reply from the club. Emailed a 12 days ago but nothing back. I am not blaming anyone working there as the office staff are always excellent. I just don’t get how a premier league club which is a business can’t get back in touch ? Any business needs to have the ability to respond quicker
  20. Listen I know my price from last year it’s no big deal I’ll get it sorted for the kids etc. I have an few older fans who sit near me and they’re calling me asking what to do. The registration for them is a hassle especially when they can’t get through or pop to the shop.
  21. Pricing is proving difficult for older fans who are asking me what did they pay last year. You know the people who have supported The club for 60 years and don’t remember what last years prices were. Those who can’t get through on the phone because they can’t navigate the website.
  22. I want to add new family members to my package I want to give more cash get another adult and kids signed up. I guess this will follow but compared to some other clubs it’s not clear.
  23. I also think the in you we trust slogan isn’t great. Basically give us your cash as we don’t know what’s happening. I’ll give them my cash but I’m not so sure they’ll achieve the same numbers as last year
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