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  1. HSS

    Top 5 Seaside "resorts"

    A Speedo wearing Jellyfish?? You don't see many of them about
  2. HSS

    5 Hotspots

    1.The Social Security Offices 2.The Ironmongers(Meths from the fridge) 3.Accident and Emergency(After taking a doing from a disgruntled fan) 4.Up the Gibby for a bag of smack 5.Outside Greencock Station selling the Big Issue
  3. HSS

    5 Sporting Movies

    Any older members remember a film about the 1970 World Cup in Mexico??It was about a wee boy who ran away from home to watch the football.
  4. Come on Houston,that's older than Reidy and Leeeeeeesy put together
  5. HSS

    5 Best Names

    Anything with DGD in it
  6. HSS

    Disasters In Paisley

    Me and my mates headed into town and up to the top of the Piazza car park for a good view Lasted about 20 mins before the Polis sussed us out. Quite sick really but I was only a boy.
  7. Come on Div,the Sunday Post do better than this
  8. Widnae mind eating Betty Turpins hot pot
  9. HSS

    Disasters In Paisley

    6.6th Nov 1985,St Mirren 1 H*mmar*y 2
  10. Hey,Hey,my,my.................... Goodnight
  11. Walkers Crisps,Official sponsor of Leicester City,have launched a new flavour of crisp today.Assault and Finger her
  12. I looked but it had disappeared Puts on cloack and heads to bed.
  13. Billy Connolly Hector Nicol HSS Ammy Shuggie
  14. Wouldn't mind doing the breaststroke with her
  15. Reidy,I'll bring my spare down to the Barrel on Sat
  16. Where do you put the money in
  17. Would agree TT was s***e in his 1st spell at Love St but the guy was superb when TH brought him back.
  18. Always take advice from an expert
  19. I'm only going cos I heard you were heading home
  20. Keep looking at this and you will need
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