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  1. Shuggy scores the goal that saves the day 1998 - Stirling Albion at Forthbank
  2. St Sid I agree with some of what you are saying there is a conflict of interest here between SMFC & 10000hrs . I think a good idea would be for 10000hrs to collect the monthly subscriptions as Div says the system is in place and ready to go, once the cash comes in then hand it over to SMiSA who hold the cash in there bank account until it is needed. By doing this it takes away all the cloak and dagger and suspicion away from both parties .I for one would be happy for my monthly payment to be taken out ASAP if this was the case.
  3. Yes I understand that but however 10000 hrs must have an idea of what we are going to pay for the club, also what will be drawn from the accounts on 31st of Aug when we don't know what we are going to offer ! More questions to be answered I'm afraid
  4. I agree with helping out the club with the £10 per month DD. But I still think we need to know how much is the club going to be sold for now ,surely not at the value that it was before i.e £1.5 million. Are WE 10000 hrs going to review the asking price ??
  5. I think that the sponsors need to come out and let the Fans know who they are, and more importantly what there intensions will be in all of the scenarios that are been muted around about the general direction of Scottish Football. There intensions will then let the fans make a decision on whether they will stop supporting their brand . If they are not going to give money and continue there support in Scottish Football are people still going to support and subscribe to them ?
  6. I think most fans are not happy at giving money to CIC ,as this will represent given money to the current selling group who have duped the fans in this latest development . And until SMFC or CIC make a statement and tell us what there intentions are with the club going forward I think you will find that people will start cancelling based on actions. I will be one of those who will be cancelling !
  7. I have voted in the poll, however I was unable to vote yes for Q4 until more information given on what others will give. I would have liked a maybe vote
  8. My only concern about the questions is that why have only 2 clubs mentioned the fact that we might go into administration? Is it because they are both going through change ? When SMFC moved from love street were we not meant to be debt free ,if so why has this came from being debt free to possibility of going into administration. I would have thought all the other clubs that have now voted No to a Newco would have been in a worse placed situation than us ,and would have been shouting from the Stands that this will be a possible outcome. But no they have just said a straight forward no . To end this is a very worrying time for me as a St.Mirren fan as my club could go into administration,it just doesn’t add up ! But No to a newco
  9. Would the current selling group take a reduction on the asking price if the Fans are prepared to support the club with extra funding and donations?
  10. My post was meant to be an alternative to the 10000hrs bid ......just a fans bid with no attachments or baggage!
  11. However is the club now worth £1.5 million now with all that's happening with Scottish Football at the moment ?
  12. What would be the options for a fan buy out without 10000hrs, would or could it work???? Some will say well we have had three years to do it, but most have went along with the 10000hrs option. But the conditions have changed on numerous occasions and now with the Rangers situation things are still up in the air. Could the fans make a bid for the club now with the value of the share price not as high as it would have been 6 months ago ,bring SMISA on board GLS and all other share holders and concentrate on running a football club. For the record I have signed up for the CIC……But open to options and a discussion !
  13. After much debate with myself ,I have decided I would rather take my chance with this rather than risk the possibility of what's happening a few miles up the road........I'm In onwards and upwards
  14. If the CIC goes through and 10000hrs own the 52% share holding in SMFC,if they 10000hrs decide to expand there interest outside SMFC and it all goes belly up and they get into financial problems . What would the effects be on SMFC as 10000hrs are the 52% share holding in SMFC ?
  15. To be honest I'm sitting on the fence on this one, the whole timing of this spooks me on both sides of the debate. Is it a gun getting held with the threat of somebody coming in and selling us from under our feet or do we go with the fan based idea then getting trumped at that end. I was all for the CIC thing but that much has changed I don’t know whether I’m coming or going who do I believe ,the waters have been mudded and I don’t know !! So much at stake for the club that me and my family have followed through generations. Hope it turns out the right choice so future generations of my family can have all the fun of ups and downs as the rest off us have had over the years !!
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