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  1. If the record of Scottish teams outwith The Rangers, is anything to go by, it’s likely this will happen….
  2. Watched a bit of the Dundee game on Saturday (yes, I was that bored). They actually looked ok, particularly on the counter - a bit of pace on the break. This was our downfall for the 2 goals V Hibs. I think we’ve enough attacking to beat them, just need to be tighter at the back.
  3. What a result - heart in mouth stuff for a while but can’t ask for much better than a win on the road to a big club to start the season off
  4. It’s. Shame Gogic is in defence, always feel we get more out of him in the middle (or at least, I think by the look of the team he’s CB). I hope we have enough going forward to take the pressure off that CB pairing
  5. For the most part, we did that against Arbroath last week. Though, I agree that it shouldn’t be by exception. I’m hoping that we are just tying new things and that’s been the reason for the 2 poor pefofrmances
  6. McGrath a free agent, would he re-sign? I would imagine Hibs or similar would be interested. However, with Baccus likely to exit, could be a good replacement
  7. That’s a pity, I can’t make it out there but would have liked to watch at home. I’ll just follow the forum for updates.
  8. So it isn’t? Ace well then. Time will tell.
  9. I was made to think it was Sam Cosgrove. Could be wildly wrong though. I’m sure it was on twitter etc
  10. There are no excuses. 2 weeks against lower league teams and we’ve been unable to pass, defend and even look organised. if this is what we have ahead we are fodder.
  11. I was just saying this to my auld man - could be doing with Erahon type player that can pick a pass and open play up….. midfield is weaker than last year, can’t judge the strikers yet as the ball barely gets to them.
  12. Do you think the midfield will play in the 2nd half? We’ve no seen then so far. Dunne needs to stop the long balls…. Not one has found a saints player, with most going out of play.
  13. Almost, just missing the pink details. new away kit live on site 👍
  14. Yea - pretty poor (the bits I did see). Poor up front, poor in the final ball and pedestrian middle of the park. Missed the first goal but second one was rookie defending.
  15. Why is Nehami not available? Work permit still?
  16. We look pitiful in the forward areas. And defending not great from 2nd goal. Keen to hear what SR has to say. Disappointing - well, what I managed to see on that pishy stream….
  17. It’s the most amateur set up. Unwatchable - and to be fair, the football on show has been too
  18. Hoping for another cracker of an away top, but last seasons is gonna be very very hard to beat!
  19. Read an article saying it’s due to ongoing back injury/issue. Fair play, will be remembered for that goal against Rangers with us and for using the exercise bike in the warm up area most weeks 😂
  20. Ah, just one of the posts above mentioned rumours about Carson leaving, Baccus staying and potential Hladkey loan…. Confusing - yes lol
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