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  1. The goal machine?????????/ I'm trying to find scorer on sky sports news, no happening fur me
  2. i heard mixed reports about him but if he is finding the back of the net, get him singned.
  3. Dargo skint 7 players and chipd the keeper......... i wish
  4. will someone be kind enough to post updates and exclusives from any contacts at the game? I'm bloody working or would have been thare
  5. 1 iona skye 2 the station bar 3 the last post 4 avalon 5 the wig and pen
  6. 1-lappin... hamilton, cup final 2-goal machine memhetto league winner, dundee 3-charlie away against clyde, winner 1-0 saints 4-sutton, cup final winner (almost cryd) 5-andersons open play goal at airdrie,4-1 saints
  7. 1-famiy guy 2-scrubs 3-simpsons 4-soccer a.m 5-never mind the buzzcocks...(with mark lammar, no the stand-ins)
  8. 1-red hot chillies- stadium arcadeium 2-fall out boy-from under the cork tree 3-any of the.. kings of leon albums 4-artic monkeys 5-panic at the disco...a fever you cant sweat out
  9. 1-turners tash 2-turners tash 3-turners tash 4-turners tash 5-yardley
  10. 1-count how many tmes m*r*on have just missed promotion and laugh... 2-put jam all over your neighbours door frame and hope ants surround it and creep in. 3-denie all knollege when they come hunting for you!!??!! 4-repeat number 1 again... 5-paintball gun......car.....find neds in white trakies.....you do the maths ... .....
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