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  1. Danny Lennon wasn’t sacked.
  2. Shull’s my B&W army friend [emoji40][emoji23]
  3. No coz you’ll join in regardless [emoji4]
  4. Maybe you were too stupid to answer the question [emoji40][emoji41]
  5. Aye yours, you couldn’t answer the question asked. By the way that’s my son a real supporter not like you. [emoji40]
  6. Your great support of the club & players continues! !!!
  7. Who was it, Jerry Schilling or Joe Esposito? [emoji4]
  8. Time to close it down [emoji99]
  9. Leatherface will sort Cummings out !!
  10. lol I tried At least it’s banter with you....Where did leatherbawface come from all of a sudden. [emoji40]
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