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  1. Fecking brilliant, she’s a total hypocrite. If this this lot are not protesting at this it’ll be something else. [emoji4]
  2. ged62

    Tommy Robinson

    Enjoyed reading all that, each to their own. I know who’s side I’m on [emoji4]
  3. Needs to sort attacking out the rest will take care of itself.
  4. lol Get the forward play sorted & we’ll be in it with the rest. We do get half chances.
  5. He is right though not a lot in it. [emoji4]
  6. Good post & totally agree, we can’t continue with this though up front needs to be addressed ASAP. Missing too many chances.
  7. We had Shankland he was unfit, overweight & doing nothing for us at the time so the club did the right thing. Should of kept Ross Stewart tough we could all see his potential.
  8. Totally agree while I was frustrated with our forward play I thought we played not to bad. Really need to address the striker options soon. The 11 we finished with should of been the 11 we started with.
  9. Maybe because he’s a defender. When you think about it what’s our strikers goals contribution this this season. Your post is total bollocks.
  10. Imagine the meltdown if you got behind the team & a player for a change [emoji4]
  11. ffs the lord is trying to be controversial as usual don’t fall for it. [emoji4]
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