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  1. ged62

    January Arrivals

    Dosent mean he’s not a plonker though !! [emoji6]
  2. ged62

    Cammy Smith

    One of our rivals? Nope different league [emoji6]
  3. You’ve changed your tune [emoji6]
  4. Don’t go then if not happy with pricing, you’re never going to change it. Do I think football is overpriced, yes. But will I pay what the asking price is, yes again. Such is life.
  5. ged62

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    Elvis deserves all he gets, he’ll be happy we’re getting beat again [emoji6]
  6. ged62

    Reality check

    Stick to singing Elvis 🕺
  7. ged62

    Saint Mirren v St Johnstone

    You’d love that [emoji6]
  8. ged62

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Less fouls, the ref gave them everything you failed to mention that.
  9. ged62

    Jai Quitongo

  10. ged62

    Jai Quitongo

    He’s going for the B&W army record for most shite post !! [emoji6]
  11. It was a great idea it’s what happened after that was a bad idea, appointing crap managers.
  12. ged62

    the midfield

    Thanks Gus !! [emoji23] Kidding aside you are right [emoji6]
  13. It is when you win it [emoji6]Ask their fans bet they enjoyed it.
  14. Main guy to blame for all this is GS He signed Stubbs gave him a free hand to sign duds. All you suckers who fell for him !! [emoji6]