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  1. You’d be moaning if we opened up& took a hammering,Rangers were on an off night but they were still streets ahead of us.
  2. Rangers pegged us back so couldn’t forward so you are taking bollocks plus our passing was abysmal when we did try to push forward. Goody was right not to take a chance of getting hammered & put a dent in the confidence of the team.
  3. Speaking about yourself are you 🤣[emoji4]
  4. Republicans are just as bad, I don’t take either side.
  5. Aye & crossing his fingers made a big difference, ffs that’s the kinda thing kids do when playing tig. He’ll he on the gravy train like all politicians north & south of the border taking every penny he can take, don’t let him fool you !!’
  6. Better 2nd half, our own fault at both their goals losing possession. Celtic fans in the family stand will be going home with 3 balls, 2 at the pre March warm up & one while the game was getting played, get them to feck out of that stand.
  7. Hope Obika plays shite again & scores another 2 [emoji4]
  8. Think you’re better missing a few games [emoji4]
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