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  1. So Shull isn’t Shull after all [emoji848][emoji2]
  2. I wouldn’t bother with him, also looking for a bit of attention, Shulls always been the same & will never change. Oh did I say Shull there [emoji4][emoji40]
  3. You Shull & ice tears would be great company on a night out [emoji4]
  4. Thing is if you stream it who will you be Shull or Shull?
  5. Ffs you don’t half go on, you’ve made your point. Contact the club & tell them your position. Shull post again please at least I laugh at your shite [emoji4]
  6. No get it right the one who started to discussion doesn’t even attend games at all.
  7. I like how Shull & ice tears Shull likes his own post [emoji16]
  8. Shull if you don’t like the club or what they do why are you on this forum? You add nothing, it’s getting boring now with your comments.
  9. He seeking attention again [emoji4] His private hire must be quiet, [emoji16]🤧
  10. Just like you’re not like a real supporter [emoji4]
  11. After the thumping today, Accies winning & Hearts getting a point it just knocks the confidence right out of you. Have we got what it takes, I’m not sure !!
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