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  1. ged62

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Fingers crossed we get couple more added to the squad. Who do you think would maybe get dropped to play him Gary? He’s already dropped Flynn to the bench IMO is a good player.
  2. ged62

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Baird? As much as I like him he’s prone to a few costly mistakes yes only young but played long enough now. As for Alfie being on loan that’s the nature of football these days. What player stays at a club long term these days, not a lot so am happy if he does a job for us.
  3. ged62

    Rangers extra seating

    They seem to think we do need their money, even though it’ll come in handy we did without for few seasons there.
  4. ged62

    Liam Smith

    IMO Paul McGinn is a better player.
  5. ged62

    Jai Quitongo

    I’d never drop Danny Mullen for him.
  6. Seems to be a few on here thinking we’ll be beat some hammered. Rangers are in no great shape, few new players in their team too. They have home advantage the fans & the ref.....feck forgot about the ref, ok I agree can’t see us winning [emoji23][emoji23] Keep calm saints no silly mistakes see how it pans out.
  7. You are so right Robert but who’s Jim? [emoji12]
  8. [emoji6] Your post are getting more positive Billy [emoji23] But sounding good
  9. Say that again? [emoji12]
  10. BREAKING NEWS.....changing to sponge balls [emoji462]
  11. I see you are speaking English for a change [emoji6]Oh & I don’t wear a scarf.
  12. ged62

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Tell us more [emoji6]
  13. That’s the advantage of having a ST, no extra charge for O.F visits plus your own seat.......well apart from the family stand [emoji6]
  14. ged62

    John McGinn

    Well done John McGinn, You maybe wanted to play for Celtic but obviously not right now. As someone said get it roon you Sellic you can’t always get what you want you robbing b*stards. I heard there was a lot of unhappy supporters at darkheed last not just because of the result. HAPPY DAYS FOR SAINTS ££££
  15. ged62

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Seems to be a bit of a pattern on this forum where the usual posters go off the subject & bore the rest of us to death.