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  1. pdf copy of the saint . . . http://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/242-download-the-saint-winter-2017-edition
  2. Also now at Piazza Bianca Nero. Paisley Centre (at top of stairs opposite M&S)
  3. not a problem, intending to hand out at that game as well
  4. copies now also available at . . bernies cafe, main st, bridge of weir; - calendar signing evening at stadium thurs 7th Dec; - Paisley First, 'makers space' old church at corner of lady lane and wellmeadow;
  5. STOP PRESS ! new edition of 'the saint' 16 page free newspaper received today and currently available at the stadium reception and club shop with further distribution taking place during the course of this week. Details of outlets to follow. If you are able to help with distribution and promote St.Mirren and SMiSA please email [email protected] or post on this site
  6. no, the club made the decision on the ban, met with SLOs to advise us before going public with a statement or emailing the guys, we said we would rather meet and tell the guys personally to try and be more civilised and engage in some dialogue on the subject as you know sometimes the written word can be misconstrued
  7. not the case, as slo we informed the club we would inform W7 guys the club do not instruct the SLOs there is some detail not been published in the interests of preventing an online bitchfest between both parties and a lot of time spent behind the scenes negotiating for an amicamble outcome both parties have now understood each other's situation on the matter and both have accepted the current compromise I would suggest moving on Beyond that any contentious issues relating to the bigger picture of similar matters within Scottish football will be pursued by the SLOs through Supporters Direct when time allows. However if anyone wishes to contact the SPFL or SFA we would appreciate any feedback on the subject jw
  8. apologies for delay in getting back to you man but they should be sent out thurs / fri
  9. Steven, Bazil is correct you do it through your bank to cancel dd apologies that no one responded to your email ? i do know there is a handover process being done just now but I'll investigate in case there are others trying to contact sorry to see you go mate but always welcome back when your circumstances change jw
  10. by voting no to all or any of the items would carry each sum over in this particular vote and then show up in the next one
  11. St. Mirren Independent Supporters Association The Saint Newspaper Due to the massive success of the previous issue of 'The Saint' in December 2016, SMiSA are currently investigating the potential of publishing a second edition in early December 2017, which will be based on similar principles as before with news and information relating to SMISA and St.Mirren FC activities as well as various general articles, you can see the first issue online here . . http://smisa.net/images/docs/thesaint1.pdf Last years publication had a printed circulation of over 11,000 copies distributed at St.Mirren home matches and to homes in the Paisley area. Once the printed copies had run out an electronic copy was then posted on the SMiSA website, distributed through email and also via various Facebook pages. This wider audience promotion was partly due to the newspaper not being time constrained in that over 95% of the content was still relevant to readers beyond February 2017 Before we embark on a similar, if not more ambitious publication and distribution scope, we would like to offer businesses and individuals a unique marketing opportunity of advertising space in the 12 page second edition of 'The Saint', which would provide extensive coverage for any business and help The Supporters Trust, as a not for profit organisation, keep costs of the publication manageable. Cost would be £95 for an advert at approximately 9cm x 8cm and £140 for an advert approximately at 17cm x 8cm. If you would be interested in taking advertising space or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email as soon as possible at - [email protected] Please be aware that this promotion and appeal for advertising is from the St. Mirren Supporters Trust and not from St.Mirren Football Club and it is not intended to be detrimental to any commercial sponsorship arrangements a business might currently or intend to have with the football club. kind regards The SMISA committee
  12. St. Mirren Independent Supporters Association Meet SMISA committee – Saturday 30 Sept, Bankhouse, 12:30pm One of SMISA’s objectives for 2017/18 was to set up regular places for members to meet the committee to raise any issues or questions they have in person as well as meeting any potential members who would like to find out more about SMiSA and #buythebuds We did this in The Bull Inn before the first game of the season against Falkirk and the feedback received was positive. The next date we will be available is in The Bankhouse (Gilmour St) on Saturday 30 September before the Brechin game. We are also eager to hear from anyone thinking about joining SMiSA so please just pop in. look forward to seeing you there Of course, you can reach us any time by emailing [email protected]
  13. never asked tbh, although perhaps the terminology had intended to mean you could pay at the game on the day, i.e. not all ticket the main focus was for acknowledgement of issues caused and corrective actions being implemented for the future.
  14. Following the issues with gaining entry to the match last Saturday away to Dunfermline, St.Mirren SLOs have been in conversation with Dunfermline SLO Drew Main in an effort to determine the circumstances for the delays. Several reasons (with hindsight) have been identified and will be addressed for future matches between both clubs. > anticipated travelling support was considerably less than the 1400 saints fans who turned up on the day. > tickets could have been made available to St.Mirren for sale beforehand. > review to be undertaken with security / stewards to improve co-ordination. It should be noted that the reason for the 'tickets from the pod' changing to 'pay at the gate' was a reactionary decision by DAFC to try and speed up entry to the stadium. Directors of both clubs have expressed sincere apologies to those caught up in the delays and have given assurances that lessons have been learned from the situation to try and ensure there will be no repeat The St.Mirren SLOs will also advise other SLOs and clubs in the division of the issues encountered to allow them to consider preparation plans for St.Mirren’s remaining away games Thank you to those who contacted us john white / john allison St.Mirren Supporter Liaison Officers Drew Main one of Dunfermline’s SLO’s also stated Games at East End Park are always much better spectacles when the visiting club brings a sizeable support such as St. Mirren did on Saturday, and I sincerely hope as many St. Mirren fans will consider visiting again when your team returns on 27th January.
  15. SMISA has arranged a question-and-answer night with Jack Ross and James Fowler for Thursday 14 September. Now the transfer window has closed and management have assembled their squad for the season, this is your chance to hear directly from them about their plans, and we thank Jack and James for giving up their time to talk directly with the supporters. The Q&A will take place in the hospitality suite at the stadium, with doors opening at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The event is open to all fans and is free to attend, but should it reach capacity, it will be first come, first served. You can guarantee your place by registering here, https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/qa-with-jack-ross-tickets-37540231844
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