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  1. Was a 2 month ban they served the time and last night was the first game they were allowed there flags back in
  2. The wee man's not had it off yet slept with it on last night lol
  3. Stephen Mcginn happily getting his picture taken with my son at the end of the game ,then gave him his armband, said happy Christmas. ..the wee man's best Christmas what a gent ...COYS
  4. Buses leave at 6 in the morning marvellous
  5. Are u sharing it on the Facebook and Twitter pages
  6. Not scoring for fun,scored against the scum according to my son
  7. It's no wonder we were shite in the 2nd half most of the fans went to the pub at half time lol
  8. They do. And my father was honored this, way, and it's a great way to respect fans no longer with us. But I feel when younger guys who die suddenly and we're a huge part of the club deserve this at the least
  9. The scoreboard guy is going to put an image of raymie up on the 58th minute and the club have also posted about it. So we got there in the end
  10. Tried to get the club to help but they said would be better if we did it ourselves through social media
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