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  1. 🥵 I’m f**king sick of these god awful decisions. I know we’ve been shite but that’s just nonsense . The game really is f**ked
  2. I admire the optimism on here. I’m a big shite the togs who thinks we will struggle as they will want revenge after our recent win against them. I will be watching with my scarf on and bog roll handy.
  3. Penalty my big fat arse! Is that what constitutes a penalty these days? More like a yellow card for diving. our goal must be the team goal of the season. We at last seem to have some heart in the team. Minor setback and we have shown that we come back well from adversity.
  4. Goodwin took some stick after last Sunday and rightly so . Then to put a team out that scores 5 at Tannadice and change the team again and score 2 at parkhead is nothing short of miraculous. if losing last Sunday helps Goodwin and the team to grow then I will take that. To come out and produce those kind of performances after what was a huge disappointment shows that there is something pretty special about our whole set up. I love my team. Still buzzing and as most of my fellow countrymen here are Celtic fans then its all the sweeter .
  5. Just an observation for some of the older heads on here. Connolly reminds me of Paul Sturrock both in his style of play and his stature. First time I’ve seen him and I thought he has a bit of unpredictability about him which we are crying out for.
  6. Jim Goodwin was the only person in the stadium who actually knows what it’s like, and more importantly what it takes, to captain a team to cup winning glory. It makes his team selection and tactics all the more baffling. Connolly was on a yellow. So what? He was the one spark of creativity we had and he took him off! Once we went behind you could see that no one knew what to do. I still can’t understand why you would set out not to lose a semi final and not try and win it from the first whistle. still gutted
  7. I really hate to say this but now that I’ve calmed down I will. I think that Goodwin believes himself to be some sort of tactical genius and beyond reproach. He has an irritating habit of answering a question by saying “ listen” then going on about how he sees the game which seems far removed from the reality. Of course he is a club legend for captaining us to cup glory but he needs to look in the mirror. He comes across as arrogant which would be fine if we were winning regularly but we aren’t.
  8. I’ve not been this raging after a game in years. No idea no urgency. Players looked lost. Livingston deserved their win. We are pish. Goodnight
  9. Goodwin need a good boot in the stones for such a cautious formation. It’s a cup game ffs we look a bit better with more attacking intent but too late
  10. We look beaten. Our player body language is shocking.When you have a throw in and clearly don’t have a plan then you can forget it. Every Livingston player knows his job, we clearly don’t. Hit and hope will not turn this around. We have been found out big time. No creativity, no heart, no goals. Watch us turn it around second half😂
  11. Disappointing as the score is we could have been on the end of a severe doing in retaliation for the cup defeat. Historically that’s what usually happens. No one wants a loss but minimal damage done.
  12. If we could just sneak something here. Other scores are not the worst so far
  13. Forgive me if this point has been raised before and forgive me a second time as an exiled Scot having an opinion on an issue that won’t really have any effect on me politically but certainly emotionally. Here goes: The previous yes campaign was doomed when the Orange Order came out and marched making their declaration to the no campaign very clear. This one move persuaded a large Protestant number to vote no.( they may not be associated with the OO but would have strong Protestant beliefs) Salmond missed an opportunity to explain what a yes vote would mean regarding the monarchy as this is of very high importance to the Protestants in Scotland. My point is not one of pointing a finger at the OO it’s more pointing a finger at the yes campaign as they didn’t appear to realise how powerful and influential the Protestant vote is in Scotland. Sturgeon, being from the west coast may have a better handle on that aspect which I believe is well worth examining in more detail in preparation for a second referendum. Politics and religion are always intertwined and Scotland is no different.
  14. Thank god dundee United and Ross county are both losing so the damage isn’t as bad as it could be
  15. It’s probably a moot point but let’s say none of the officials picked up on the tackle, would it be looked at retrospectively and the player receives a red based on tv evidence? I guess it throws up another point that he would have remained on the pitch and we still have 11 v 11. We may have a case if the 4th official hasn’t followed protocol but I think it’s unlikely. The argument shouldn’t be around whether it’s a red or not, more about how it was handled on the day.
  16. Didn’t see the game but it’s sounds like we missed Durmus who on the little I’ve seen him can be creative w
  17. Problem is if the triallists are any good we run the risk of Hibs or whoever usurping our plans by offering them a better deal.
  18. The Buddies line up on Facebook includes at least 1 triallist. Anyone got any idea who it was?
  19. Give him the rest and the treatment he needs. If we were winning games due to his bravery in playing through his injury then there may be an argument in keeping playing him but we are not, so let him have some time out to recover and get back to his best. He is some player when fully fit but he is only human and cannot carry the team on his own.
  20. At least it’s reassuring that Kearney’s trying to avoid just punting the ball, it’s the players who need punting. He clearly knows who he needs shot of but thankfully is too professional to name them. He’s right though that January is still a long way off. The prospect of pasting after pasting until then is not going to attract much quality when the window opens. Oh woe is me!
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