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  1. Stubbs is the first boss in a long time that we have appointed with Premiership experience so it should follow that he knows more than most what’s required to compete with the other teams in the division. He’s taken long enough to assess the quality he already has and if it marries with who he wants to bring in we will not be the whipping boys of the prem. I don’t see Stubbs as someone who would just settle for survival even in our first season back. If you’re not good enough you are out. Very definite message sent out by him already.
  2. Every time I go to click on this I say John Mcginn’s name in my head in the same tone as the commentator did in the run up to our second goal in the league cup final. The way that he said his name without an add on such as “passes to” or “ strides forward “ etc has stuck in my head ever since. I probably should seek help but I like it so there.
  3. Must admit I’m starting to get a bit nervous with the lack of transfer activity. As it stands the squad appears to be nowhere near strong enough to survive in the top league. Obviously hope I’m wrong but time is marching on. Come on Stubbsy get cracking!
  4. Kenny Millers main attribute is his never say die attitude. It’s something that jumped out in Stubb’s interview when he said he wanted a team who will fight for everything and chase lost causes. Miller fits that bill perfectly.
  5. Some nice trees in the corners would be very pleasing and would improve the vibe in the ground a million percent. Don’t underestimate how positive and powerful trees can be.
  6. A good defender as Manager and a good attacker as coach. Looks balanced to me
  7. Sad as I am I said at the start of last season that thistles kit in our colours would look great I suppose it also depends on the shorts and socks. I really am a pathetic old man
  8. Welcome to the best club in the universe. some of the apprehension is maybe just because Jack was so successful and the prospects under him looked good. If Stubbs had been appointed right after Tommy Craig or Murray we would be celebrating his arrival with widespread enthusiasm. let’s get right behind him and see who he brings in to strengthen our squad. I personally can’t wait for the new season COYS!!!!
  9. Neilson did not come across as an enthusiastic contender. Sounded a bit like “ I might take it if offered” We are much more of an attraction to a good standard of manager rather than a mibbes aye mibbes naw type.
  10. Fuxache I was nearly greetin’ reading that. I really should grow up
  11. Well deserved after turning us around in spectacular fashion. This all helps to raise the clubs profile and hopefully will help to attract better players when they know they will be working with someone who knows what they’re doing.
  12. Aaaaaannnddd breath! What a turnaround from last year. I love my team! Well done Jack and the boys COYS! Chaaammmmmmpppppiooonneeeeeeessss!!!?
  13. Been awake since silly o’clock. I’m old enough to know better but can’t help it. Off to gym to kill some time and meet some fellow jocks down there who are a right mixture of them ( we know who I mean ) plus a jambo and a hibby. Good crack usually and great banter given and taken in equal measure. This is it boys. This is it COYS!!!!
  14. Thank god we are playing livi when they should be trying to win the match. We seem to perform better against teams who don’t sit in and out home record should see us over the line. Another nervy day ahead on Saturday. Don’t we just love making life difficult. Saints 7 livi 0
  15. Might just settle us down in a strange way. A long way to go come on ye saints!!!
  16. Had a dream that were 1-0 down after 2 minutes and Van Zanten got sent off. After 20 minutes it was 10-2 to them but a short burst of highlights showed that if it hadnt been for our goalie and right back it would have been worse. Our goalie and right back were both Jack Ross! Am I stressed about tonight perhaps? No ....... not in the slightest.
  17. Please score again. My crunchie nut cornflakes are nearly coming back up. Can’t feckin stand this
  18. How will the sending offs affect Brechin? Will they have those players suspended on Tuesday only or will they be missing on Saturday as well ? I’m already nervous and it’s only Sunday. Let’s hope Dunfermline can do us a favour midweek. I wish I shared the unbridled optimism on here but there is still work to do. We can’t blow it now surely
  19. Highlights would suggest that a square ball would have been a better option than shooting. We certainly had enough good chances to win by a decent margin. A little more composure in front of goal and we will be fine. Front players a little greedy at times but I suppose that’s what you get with good players.
  20. Jack said we were relentless against Dumbarton. His substitution of Cammy for Baird sounds like it changed from relentless to complacent( too harsh?) please Sir could we go back to relentless for the rest of the season?
  21. I knew we’d struggle to break them down! Shows how much I know. Would love to make it to a game before the seasons over but sadly I’m hampered by colleagues who just don’t get it. I might have to throw a sickie but knowing my luck I’d get spotted at the airport.
  22. A win by any margin will suffice. Let’s hope we turn up with the right attitude. A lot has been said about Dumbarton’s players being tired after their cup final on Saturday but they are very adept at digging in and frustrating us so I wouldn’t bet on a high score. We are so close to the title there is always the risk of white line fever. We don’t need to try to win 10-0 we just need to stay calm and take the points. It’s very rare for us to do things the easy way anyway so another nail biting evening ahead.
  23. What’s the betting that livi quietly believe they can catch us. This week is the week for any kind of wins, ugly or otherwise, who cares. Said it before but it’s seems to be easier for the chaser to play with freedom as they have nothing to lose. We on the other hand have plenty of players who will not have experienced being ahead in a race. This is where good management will be really telling. I for one am shitting myself so it’s as well I’m not playing though Jack did ask if I was available.
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