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  1. How can you go to morecambe and hope you are getting a decent manager. The clowns that gave him the job ,showing that are incapable of running the club.
  2. No faith in this prick Robinson filling the team with lower league and ex motherwell shite.
  3. Going from a chance to go fourth to heading to the play offs ffs.
  4. The management team is in the same class then .
  5. Need to get rid of Robinson and all the arseholes who gave him the job.🤬
  6. Squeaky bum time, worse case could be down to 7points.
  7. We will be alright when the new manager comes ln.😂
  8. Down to 9th now ,from going to play for a top 4 place . We are f**king mince.
  9. f**k Jack ross !He's been shite in his last 2 jobs, why the f**k would we want him back.
  10. Think maybe Jimbo has taken us as far as he can . Shocking last few weeks.
  11. Sitting back not been out of our own half since the restart.
  12. Should have been another red card for that tackle at the end.
  13. Useless shower not one man moved 2 crosses 2 goals. Nearly 3.
  14. Why bring in a player who has spent all of time at wolves playing for shite teams on loan . Then give mcpherson away to a rival team only st.mirren can think its good buisness .
  15. Playing doon the water wae the manky mob.
  16. Typical Saint one good season then totaly f**k up after that .
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