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  1. SPFL clubs vote against independent investigation into April vote. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52631918
  2. They only time rangers needed the wee teams was when they and the SPL bullied the lower leagues to allow seVco to join them .
  3. Aberdeen will vote for 14 team premier For one season only . So that would mean 3 down after it's over.
  4. bottled it as usual ,every time we get a chance to move away from the bottom 2 we bottle it.
  5. Aye and Ian Foote was shite ref that day .Motherwell player punched the ball over the bar . c**t got away with it cheating bastards.
  6. game over .shocking goal to loose ,gave the ball away again.
  7. Here we go again . Throw away two good chances, then get f**ked
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