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  1. Going from a chance to go fourth to heading to the play offs ffs.
  2. The management team is in the same class then .
  3. Need to get rid of Robinson and all the arseholes who gave him the job.🤬
  4. Squeaky bum time, worse case could be down to 7points.
  5. We will be alright when the new manager comes ln.😂
  6. Down to 9th now ,from going to play for a top 4 place . We are f**king mince.
  7. f**k Jack ross !He's been shite in his last 2 jobs, why the f**k would we want him back.
  8. Think maybe Jimbo has taken us as far as he can . Shocking last few weeks.
  9. Sitting back not been out of our own half since the restart.
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