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  1. Cancelled at Edinburgh. Someone in audience upset by his show. Jesus have they never seen him before.? I despair of people nowadays. Upset about everything .
  2. Thought we played quite well today. Big centre was very good as was Bacchus. Best man on the park again was Erhahon. Most improved player I have seen in years.
  3. Smashing game. Arbroath should have scored to make it 2-3. Missed then lost 4-2. Dundee by far the better team but shows you the narrow margins.
  4. One of the first goalies I remember though I was just a wee boy.
  5. Most of us will be under a roof and out of direct sunlight. Would imagine it would only affect main stand. Possibly Family stand but only right at front.
  6. Arbroath had a good 10 minutes when they should have scored. All Dundee since. Could have scored a couple. Decent game . Fancy Dundee by two or three. Arbroath missing someone like Nouble. Do not look quite as good as last season.
  7. First 25 minutes they were very good. Even at 2-0 they were not out of it. Then they fell apart. Now 5.
  8. Hearts happy to waste loads of time and run down clock. Oops it did not work. Hibs equalise 90+5 Martin Boyle.
  9. Suspicion of hand ball at the goal though commentators all seem happy with it. Will be interesting with VAR as Shankland got away with a studs up challenge that might have been challenged.
  10. Just in from match. Good day out spoiled by a brick hitting the bus window then being very thoroughly frisked by a very large black chap who had NO legal right to do so other than ; you will not get in unless I do this: I wish clubs would be honest and just say we do not want away supporters. Oh also we were absolutely pish. Manager has no idea.
  11. They will cancel it again.
  12. Good game , good goal. Both sides lead up play was good but final ball or cross poor too often. Enjoyable though.
  13. Celtic legend dead at 79. Good player. Remember him in baseball boots on icy pitches.
  14. Sorry I must have been at a different game from all of you. Erhahon was outstanding closely followed by Bacchus. The rest are poor. Tanser is one of The poorest players I hAve seen in many years. Poor thing to say I know but I hope his injury keeps him out for a few weeks to let us try something else. Yes the Motherwell goalie had a few good saves but that was because we did not finish properly.
  15. I will disagree as usual. Missed the first 20 minutes but the last 25 just found boring. I know they are very fit and skilful but it all looks like chess to me.
  16. Do they have different rules about timing games in England? When you watch Sky results almost all of the Scottish games are finished but the English ones go on for another 5 minutes. Do they do injury time different from us?
  17. They come , they go. The only constant is the supporters. Let's just wait and see and turn up anyway.
  18. Scrapping of shared gate receipts was the single biggest thing to kill competition.
  19. Why can you not buy a ticket on the day of the match?
  20. Article in the Herald today by Chris Jack senior football writer about his love of Rangers and how delighted he was to introduce his step daughter to the great atmosphere at Ibrox. What chance of impartial reporting is there when the main reporter talks of his love of Rangers? At least he is honest. Think it might be a while before I read anymore of his columns.
  21. Have the goalkeepers improved? Any women's football I have seen suffered from appaling goalkeeping. Goals seem too big.
  22. At the other end of the scale tickets for Dundee United are only able to be bought online. That also does not suit everyone. Teams seem determined to stop people going to matches.
  23. What on earth is wrong with Brophy now? The manager stated he would start today but not even on the bench. Seems to be permanently injured.
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