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  1. see England women won 20 - 0. Bit farcical.
  2. Is the Thistle game on TV?
  3. Celtic brought on Abada and Ajeti. Look like pub players. Nearly equalised in last minute.
  4. Hope you cashed out. 3-2. Celtic subs rotten.
  5. 2-1 for Celtic. Just avoided going a goal down but ran up the park and scored. Good game. Celtic give the ball away too often. Hartson about to have heArt attack.
  6. Main problem is the boy Tanser. What is his role? Sits wide on the left. Cannot tackle. Cannot go past a man. In last two home games has hit two good passes. Neither a defender nor an attacker I cannot see what he adds to the side.
  7. What a goal. Should be game over. Brilliant.
  8. Sitting A bit too deep. Allowing them too much room.
  9. HAnging on a bit now. Looking tired. Maybe another change needed
  10. Excellent first half. Not a weak link. Adams. Christie ,McGregor in particular have been very good. O,Donnell good defensively.a!l going well against a good side.
  11. Near thing from Adams. Good save form goalie Could he have lifted it?
  12. First 20 minutes fairly even. Not a bad start.
  13. Weakest side left in it at home would do nicely.
  14. Agree mcginn was outstanding. All round good performance. Monday will be interesting.
  15. Penalty. No idea why the referee did not see it straight away. Well done goalie.
  16. Two smashing goals. Hope we get another couple.
  17. Overall a good performance in the first half. Need a second goal.
  18. What were they checking? Let's have a second.
  19. In general I agree with you. The defence bothers me though.
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