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  1. Thought we were very poor for the majority of the match. Ethan waS our best player in first half. After he went off we were poor. Not sure about Strain. Big 7 took his goals well . Bacchus was OK. Defence a bit iffy. Much more work to be done. My friend did not know if was a non ST game and showed his ticket to the reader and was admitted no problem. Wish I had done that and saved £15 .
  2. Time to play the team that will start against Motherwell. No time left for poncing about.
  3. Lost 1-0. Another shocker of a result for Scottish sides in Europe.
  4. Weekend in Aberdeen will be first class. The match however.
  5. What a load of shite. They should have refused to show any highlights , any comments or any other news out of that cesspit instead of giving in. Rangers are absolutely running Scottish football.
  6. Planning application in paper today. You have until 10/08 to object.
  7. See he is crocked. Has carried injuries for years. Danger of signing players with long term injury problems.
  8. We will no doubt fail to qualify because of goal difference. We just cannot score goals against shite.
  9. So not actually injured. Just if he runs about he hurts himself. But of a drawback for a football player.
  10. Do you get a chef or is the food brought round from the Hospitality?
  11. Fair enough idea. Will it not adversely affect the current Hospitality?
  12. What is actually wrong with him now? Is he made of glass?
  13. The more they update things the fecking worse it gets.
  14. Why on earth can they not reuse the previous years ticket in the manner they have for years? The old system worked perfectly.You reordered your ticket and they reactivated old ticket. For cup Ties you booked online and they added it to yourticket. What on earth is the problem?
  15. Might be better playing Jack Duckworth.
  16. Be interesting to see what shape he is in. Remember him being extremely out of condition at the start of one season.
  17. No great loss. Made too many mistakes. Was sometimes good but not reliable.
  18. My wife worked For him at Coats. She always speaks well of him. Fought hard to get them enhanced redundancy payments. Has been dead for quite a few years now. Although a blue nose he was a decent man.
  19. Surprised he got a team at that level with his injury history. Good player but hardly ever fit to play.
  20. Think you will find they sort Celtic & Rangers fixtures then fit the rest round them.
  21. Surely should win comfortably now, a goal and a man better off. Highlights should be better now.
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