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  1. Its called scaremongering
  2. You dont half talk some amount of shyte mate 🤫
  3. Im starting to think your bi-polar shull
  4. cheers m8 i always thought it was he takes the piss, because hes better than chris
  5. I just cant seem to remember the middle of this song There's only 1 john Sutton He scores the goals out of nothing ...... ........ ...... ........ Walking in a Sutton wonderland
  6. but why are you on a st.Mirren forum...
  7. It's funny, the lucky penny aswell is my birth year 1979 think its 45 mins or near abouts i have so many fond memories watching st.Mirren we WILL be back when i follow home and away we seem to do well (esp cup although the 9 men final wasn't good) damn you job (which makes me miss games now) i will be back heres to next season coys https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=stmirren+vs+hearts+cup&view=detail&mid=CAA7E9B072C7C83AF2E9CAA7E9B072C7C83AF2E9&FORM=VIRE
  8. Watson mallan shankland langfield Goodwin zzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz
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