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  1. Im starting to think your bi-polar shull
  2. cheers m8 i always thought it was he takes the piss, because hes better than chris
  3. I just cant seem to remember the middle of this song There's only 1 john Sutton He scores the goals out of nothing ...... ........ ...... ........ Walking in a Sutton wonderland
  4. but why are you on a st.Mirren forum...
  5. It's funny, the lucky penny aswell is my birth year 1979 think its 45 mins or near abouts i have so many fond memories watching st.Mirren we WILL be back when i follow home and away we seem to do well (esp cup although the 9 men final wasn't good) damn you job (which makes me miss games now) i will be back heres to next season coys https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=stmirren+vs+hearts+cup&view=detail&mid=CAA7E9B072C7C83AF2E9CAA7E9B072C7C83AF2E9&FORM=VIRE
  6. Watson mallan shankland langfield Goodwin zzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. yes, watson's challenge, he seems to be a decent player at this level
  8. i agree, i thought Goodwin and rocco in the same team could have worked tonight but theres no doubt in mallans goal threat so, he is hard to leave out/sub i actually think shankland was doing ok but was on the wrong end of the referee's decisions and when he was yellow carded his head wasn't in it it seemed. interesting next few matches ahead...
  9. Just in from the game, though we played out a decent performance in what was at times a scrappy game. The defence has improved which is echoed by Webster constantly talking baird throughout the whole game, both, were for me excellent as were Watson and Irvine. rocco had a decent game in the middle but stevie mallan why over indulge wee lad, do the simple things! great to see more energy and determination and a bit of fight from us something that has been lacking under murray. thought we actually had a few decent penalty claims and either team could have won it. At the end it was end to end stuff. overall happy enough with a point.
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