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  1. Is this for real? Some of the users on this are totally deluded. Our main problem is that because we had a strong finish to last season that means we must be one of the best teams in Scotland. Let's remember who we are for a minute. Not being in a relegation battle for the first time in seasons is progress. Anything more than that is great. The fact I haven't sworn on this page is a result. Some of you are not supporters on this, more critics.
  2. I was speaking to a Dunfermline fan the other day and he said he was surprised Reilly signed for us and that Dunfermline actually wanted to keep him despite what certain fans said about him. They are were going to try turn the tables and capture Loy but doubts they will manage it.
  3. I'd imagine David Clarkson will get released when he recovers from his injury.
  4. Congratulations everyone. Now can someone tell me what's happening with the strips?
  5. The club only need to let the spfl know what the top/shorts/socks of all clubs are. Not what the strip looks exactly like.
  6. Was out last night and bumped into the man himself. He said that Falkirk spoke to him 2/3 weeks ago and declared their interest. St Mirren were also interested but after Falkirk spoke to him he had his sights set. Premiership teams were wanting him too but he thought that would be too much of a jump. Really good lad. We've missed out there.
  7. Well that's Jordan (Nathan's brother) now moved to East Fife till the end of the season.
  8. Back to the summer speculation, I know Nathan (aka Fash) very well. He believes he is going to Dundee with East Fife fans believing that he is going there also in an £80k move. This was before Alex Rae became manager though. His brother Jordan is a better all round player, he is following the same route as Fash and is currently at the same amatuer team as which his brother was at Leven united. Though is signing for East Fife very soon. Weather it be in January or in the summer.
  9. Was out with nathan on Saturday. He said if he is moving club it would be to a local team, he was on trial at Dundee United before he signed for East fife.
  10. I am good friends with Nathan. 3 seasons ago he was playing pub league football. Got a great attitude
  11. I think the captain should be Goodwin when playing, if not playing,Naismith or Carswell. Though has Murray got an eye on a captain to come in? I think we will see 2 signings before Rangers game and another 2 or 3 before the close of transfer window.
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