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    It's a chance I'd be willing to take. This isn't some past-it, has-been we're talking about - this is the SPL's all-time top goalscorer at the age of 29. This is a guy who scored more than Larsson in this league. If he wants to come and kick his heels in Paisley, I'll pick him up from the airport myself.
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    Dan Is The Man reacted to windae cleaner in Speculation Thread   
    FFS Del Boy or Arthur Daley wouldn't be able to offload Gary Teale
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    Dan Is The Man reacted to djchapsticks in Progress Officially Made   
    Plenty of Personal Bests confirmed tonight.
    Highest SPL finish.....check
    Highest Points total.....check
    Most goals scored in an SPL season......check
    Least SPL Defeats.....check
    Most SPL clean sheets.....check
    All achieved this season. Anyone still want to argue that we aren't progressing in the correct manner? Anyone?
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    Listen Dick I can post what I want and put it on the Forum of my choice.Who died and made you boss!
    I think more people read this Forum
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    Would certainly add some much needed width.
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    Dan Is The Man reacted to saint_1706 in Speculation Thread   
    id just like to point out i stayed at an expensive hotel two years ago for a night and steven thompson was there. i sat in the bar for a drink and he was already in the bar with friends and family drinking. i then went and had my dinner and came back about 2 hours later and he was still in the bar drinking. he then stayed drinking in the bar with those same people for what must have been in excess of a further 2 hours. is this the type of player we want at our club???
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