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  1. Like to see us get Scott Wright on loan from Aberdeen and also Nelson from Sunderland, maybe JR could send him to us this year rather than our rivals. Liked the look of both whenever I’ve seen them over the past couple of years.
  2. Didn’t realise St. Mirren fans were allowed to attend hospitality. Old Firm packages sold before the fixtures were out this year and the Playoff Final was mobbed with Utd fans to the point it nearly caused a riot.
  3. Overrated by some distance. Only looked good because he had an incredible defence in front of him. If he was to stay he’d look average this year.
  4. Ziggy Gordon signing for Dinamo Bucharest. Just let us have big Vlad the Impaler!!
  5. Not overly fussed about Muzek, hard to say what his best position is. Positionally struggles at left back and has been caught out a couple of times and don’t think he excelled to much in the back three.
  6. Think what we witnessed yesterday with the referee was the SFA in full corrupt mode. Never a penalty Perfectly good goal chopped off Pawlett should’ve walked Connolly should’ve walked Never a red Anybody see the footage of Doncaster when the cameras were panning the crowd? Not even applauding his play off champions. Devastated. GIRUY!!
  7. This is gonna be the toughest decision for me. The man is an absolute warrior for this club but I just don’t think we can afford to have such an injury prone player at the club. That being said I think he’s worked his way into Orans plans for next year.
  8. Head says penalties. Heart says Gary Mac with a thunderous last minute header to spark mass pandemonium and a pitch invasion.
  9. Pretty gutted about today. St. Johnstone on the beach once again. Play-offs will be tough. Dundee Utd are on a good run. Fair play to Cooke. He’s worked his socks to play his part and good on him. Start him on Thursday.
  10. Would throw the Duck in tonight. We’re needing something different up top, maybe a bit of flair. Decent work rate just ain’t cutting it as much as I like Jackson and Mullen. The big mans been unspectacular but I think he’s got a moment of magic in him. Lyons out. Magennis in. Flynn being fit of course.
  11. Real shame. Has come onto a game in recent weeks and will be a big loss. Hopefully Kyle McAllister can step up and see out the season without injury. Certainly wouldn’t say no to having Anders back next season.
  12. If I was Gordon Scott I’d already be looking out my spare change and slamming a bid on Bucharest’s table for big Vlad the Impaler! What a glorious footballer he is.
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