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  1. Certainly poor today, but so far in the league cup, we've come back from 2-1 down to win away from home, and stuck at it to break down a well organised team and win 1-0. Neither of which we would have managed to do last season. I think progress is being made. I'm quite happy with the squad, glad Quinn won't be out long, and that there's 1 more to come in. I'm looking forward to the start of the season.
  2. You're totally entitled to your opinion, but I'm not sure why you feel that way. The way I see it, we have Premiership quality and experience all through the team, guys like Irvine, Webster, Quinn, Sutton, Clarkson and a few more. Add to that the young guys like Mallan, Morgan, Shankland, Baird and Naismith, some of whom have a fair bit of top level experience too, and you have a pretty strong squad. Also have cover in almost every area. Looking good for me.
  3. Aye, but he had that planned
  4. Exactly, they couldn't even get close enough to kick him!
  5. I remember a newspaper report years ago describing Steven McGarry as "Unpindownable" can't think of a better way to describe Lewis' performance last night.
  6. I think we have a forward line that's better than a few of the lower end Premiership teams. Shanks, Clarkson and Sutton all have the potential to grab a few goals. Morgan looking terrific on the left, Gallagher can chip in with a few too. Yet to see enough of Walsh, but sounds like he'll be decent cover for either side. All the with Mallan supporting from midfield. Definitely going to be a threat going forward this season.
  7. Ayr more or less doubled up on him for the whole 2nd half last night, and they still couldn't get near him. Those 2 on the right for Ayr will be having nightmares about Lewis. As good an individual performance from a Saints winger as I've seen in a long time. You could feel the excitement in the crowd every time he got the ball. Excellent. A very exciting prospect.
  8. You're not welcome here, with your well thought out, balanced arguments! Only ill informed drivel from now on please.
  9. Can't say I remember him to be honest. Read on Twitter he played against us on the opening day last season. Feedback seems to be good though, sounds like what we need. Welcome to Saints Tom!
  10. As far as I know, on the right or up front. Not sure where he's most comfortable.
  11. Black and white army's Twitter page followed Ryan Hardie very recently...could mean something, could mean nothing. But Calum Gallagher got a follow a few days before he signed, so did Shanks.
  12. Shanks would play with Sutton form me. Clarkson for cover.
  13. Probably not, all I meant was, I'm glad he's ended up elsewhere. We already have better midfielders at the club.
  14. Flood is a bullet dodged in my opinion, isn't the player he used to be and was overrated to begin with. Shankland not in the squad again tonight...
  15. I think it's a proper sponsorship, they made quite a big deal about it at the time anyway. Could be wrong. Was a few years back now.
  16. Was worried until I saw who had started the thread...
  17. Aye, I think of all the teams with Nike or adidas kits in Scotland, only Aberdeen and Celtic have actual sponsorship deals. As far as I know, the rest, even the likes of Dundee Utd and Hibs just buy teamwear in bulk. It just guarantees that you'll have the same kit as 10 other teams, but with your badge on it. Doesn't represent a good deal for the club or the fans. Ok, JD's service isn't great, but we should consider ourselves lucky that we get a good deal financially, along with a brand new, unique strip. Works for me.
  18. I thought he looked great when he initially broke into the first team. But, over time, we saw guys like Naismith, Baird, Mallan, Morgan and a few others make more progress than he did. I would have given him a short while more to prove himself, but it's not up to me. We might have missed out on a decent player, but decent is probably the extent of it.
  19. Wouldn't mind having Lappin back, but I'd be very surprised if Rae was interested in him. He doesn't really fit in with the style of player we've gone for so far. We've brought in mostly big, physically commanding players, and he's also talked about looking to add some more pace to the squad. Simon's a good player, but he doesn't offer much in the way of athleticism. Would be a surprise if Rae wanted him, but not an entirely nasty one. Might fancy him for his crossing and set pieces, especially now that we can flood the box with all the big guys we've signed.
  20. Definitely, there's nothing wrong with big strong players, but what I'm saying is, it shouldn't be the be all and end all that it's taken as in Scottish football.
  21. He was just a kid when he played for us, plenty of ability, but lacked the physicality to compete in the SPL where, sadly, athleticism is the name of the game. Happens to far too many young players in this country, boys with genuine talent who aren't big enough or strong enough. Clubs don't have the patience, or maybe the resources to nurture their physical development. They just go with the guys who are 6'1" when they're 18.
  22. 1 shot, 1 goal, all I'm saying Can't make next week, hopefully be back soonish with people taking holidays and things.
  23. I liked most of the Hummel kits. The one that was all white on the back was smart, also really liked the ones with the gold trim.
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