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  1. I have already commented twice on this totally hopeless guy called Andrew Dallas pretending to be a Grade 1 Official would he Dallas have ever ever awarded either Rangers or Celtic four pens to either side in an Old Firm match.The answer is perfectly obviousl. He has made so many basic errors on this and previous seasons he should immediately be sacked by the SFA.We should most certainly insist he is never invited to officiate at any future match involving Saints.
  2. We should all save our dough and don’t go to Ibrox and Parkhead in fact w3 should the team should not bother turning up just give them the points.No chance of a fair deal with those thoroughly incompetent biased so called refs who clearly cannot wait to give pens an£ appease the home support.Totally disgusted today I absolutely despise the Old Firm.
  3. Quite honestly this ref Dallas is utterly hopeless and totally totally out of his depth at this level and is purely there because of his father.OK should just take the team off the park now.All we ask for is just and fair officiating and we are not having it here.
  4. I was impressed with Mark Russell when at Morton.He is a Paisley boy and would be a useful addition to our squad.Hope Tony and Gus are aware of him.
  5. Fact is despite all our misgivings today we know very much where improvements are required.Hopefully it is a busy week on the transfer front.Fact is however Hibs should have been down to 10 just after the break Gray’s ridiculous challenge on McAllister was worthy of a second yellow but alas the Ref bottled it.Is Ferdinand fit? And if he is surely he should start.
  6. I certainly never expected to win at Celtic Park but quite frankly we were absolutely woeful for goodness sake we are supposed to be full time pros.We had no pass marks our team had no shape character or desire.We had a sub subbed that’s how bad it was and shockingly bad on leadership.We have only a very short time to add to an extremely poor squad.I am now beginning to lose faith on all fronts.
  7. I am absolutely raging at this decision to transfer Cammy to Utd.Our official Player of the Year last season.A 24 year talented player who made nearly eighty appearances for the Dons before we were lucky enough to have him at Saints.Our loss is most certainly Utd’s gain.OK says Cammy wants to play football and he cannot guarantee him game time.What absolute bollocks.We should be building a team around him.I am really really annoyed at this transfer which could have been avoided.I just say this why is Flynn still with us and Cammy gone?
  8. More than that Cammy has been a smashing player for us.Stubbs just destroyed his confidence in a short period.For those he say he can’t play in the top league well he managed to play almost eighty times in the Premier for the Dons.Will be very sorry to see him go if that is the case.
  9. If Cammy Smith is punted my season ticket will be unused for the rest of this season.
  10. Should Cammy Smith be punted my season ticket will be unused for the rest of the season.I have always been of the opinion that we were fortunate to have him at our beloved club.
  11. Stu; Yes Jordan played in the League Cup against Killie and played well until he fell awkwardly on that awful surface and was sidelined for a few months.He is a decent player and will do well at Alloa.On the subject of Jon who is a personal friend of mine he is doing well at Alloa and played against Utd on Saturday and apparently played well.All Jon wanted was a chance at full time in the end Danny treated him badly and accused him of feigning injury during the warmup of a Premier match at home against Killie.The following week he was paid off the remainder of his contract and sent on loan to Cowdenbeath.Jon is now doing well playing part time and working in the Fire Service.
  12. Press reports indicate we have registered an interest in Aberdeen midfielder Greg Tansey.Interesting times ahead.
  13. Well I am of the opinion we will get at least a point.We are not playing badly and no team is horsing us.Perth Saints are a good side and we should have had at least a point.Yes Killie are good and are playing well but every side will have a dip in form that’s just the way it is.So come on let’s give OK our support and we will get a result.We should have had a result against them last time round but for the Tory MP guessing the ball had crossed the lineCOYS.
  14. Lets be quite clear no team has really horsed us this year apart from the Tynecastle and Pittodrie results.We were most unfortunate in a few games at home in particular St Johnstone Rangers Aberdeen Hibs and Killie.Recently one manager said apart from Celtic teams are capable of results against each other.There is no doubt whatsoever in the few weeks in charge Stubbs managed to assemble a questionable squad and deflate a few of our Chamionship squad notably Cammy Smith whose confidence he managed to destroy.There is no doubt the bulk of our support rate Cammy indeed I consider we were very fortunate to acquire his services from The Dons.I thought Cammy tried ever so hard against The Perth Saints and should not have been hooked for Flynn.All said I think we have more than an even chance of retaining our Premier status this season and the Window will be interesting.With the right additions I am more than hopeful.COYS.
  15. I was sitting quite close to the throw in and at the time I said to my wife it should have been our through as it did appear to come off the St Johnstone player last but then the ref and the asst ref on the main stand were indecisive throughout the entire match.
  16. I would very much doubt Watt is on that figure they barely get 3000fans coming in apart from games with the Old Firm granted they are a well run club. I was so sure we would get a result here especially after the boy Kennedy was subbed.We lost because of the poor use of subs and our inability to manage the final fifteen.The replacement of Cammy with Flynn was shocking.I like Oran and I wish him well but he has to learn fast.
  17. Stefan is a smashing player he is an Edinburgh boy who played for Livi then went to Sheffield Utd where he performed really well.Dont know the reason things have gone wrong at Perth but wouldn’t mind if we had a look at him.
  18. Yes I was at the match v Argentina Iain Munro was an outstanding left back think also Billy Thomson and Frank McGarvey were in that squad also.
  19. Gary: Cammy’s confidence was shot due to the way Stubbs treated him my favourite player last season I make no apology for saying that and I just want see him regain the spirit and quality he is capable of.His best position is just behind the main striker with a free role in my opinion and I pray that Oran can use him in that area.Cammy needs to be shown he is loved and admired and Jack was very capable in giving him the confidence he needs.I certainly want to keep Cammy at the club long term regardless of where we finish at the end of the season.
  20. Meant to say timekeepers and goal line judges in ice hockey.
  21. What else does the fourth official do? Apart from stand between the opposing managers he could quite easily sit with a monitor in front of him and assist the ref no problem.Anybody could signal any subs and hold a board up.Time for football to wake up they have had timekeepers and goal line judges in use from the beginning.
  22. Well I most certainly wanted Robbie initially.As a young boy he did attend the final in 87 and really as much as I love Tony he has to stop the silly talk.Stubbs appointment clearly was a disaster in every aspect you just have to look at the reserve side yesterday.He simply had to go I believe we had only two of his signings in the starting line up at Aberdeen.I have been unable to take up my seat in the main stand due to having an operation recently but I am firmly behind Oran and we have to give him time and our full support.Should we be relegated it won’t be his fault it would be due to the disastrous recruitment policy of the previous manager can’t help but feel however that Gordon and Tony might just have seen the light just a little bit earlier in the way he treated members of the squad who gave us such great time just a few months ago.COYS.
  23. Best Wishes Oran welcome to Scotland and The Buddies.
  24. Sun saying Oran Kearney to be invited to be new Manager.
  25. I wish fans would take notice it’s not just the four league games played its the feel good factor that has totally gone.Alan is no doubt a nice guy but recruitment has been woeful he seems only intent in bringing guys from down south like young inexperienced loanees and players from non league.Its as thought he has lost touch with the Scottish market.We could have brought in tried and tested players like Darren O’Dea Dom Thomas and Ryan Dow pre transfer deadline.All we got was loanees once again two of which can’t play against their parent clubs this season.Moreover we failed to beat two amateur sides in the League Cuo over ninety minutes.We all want what is best for our beloved Football Club and reluctantly for me I just feel that Alan is incapable of doing the job
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