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  1. St Johnstone played with three centre backs and two wing backs all season and won two major trophies
  2. I think JG sees Kyle more in a number 10 role as opposed to a winger I would go along with that and indeed that could be his role for many years to come as we tend to forget he is still very young.
  3. Have a feeling Kiltie already is his replacement as he plays in mid just behind the strikers we have Power holding also MacPherson Flynn and Erahon therefore fairly well covered in my opinion.
  4. All gone quiet any rumours of potential signings ?
  5. JG on STV news this evening saying he is hoping to sign two players although he is relatively content with his squad at present.
  6. Tait and Tanser will be our right and left wing backs the back three will be Fraser Big Joe and Dunne this clearly is the system JG prefers this allows you to play two strikers and a midfield five
  7. Think we are well served in defence midfield looks good with mixture of youth and experience probably looking to replace Connolly and Durmus which should complete the squad Henderson still inexperienced but good potential McAllister ok as sub due to fitness issues.
  8. Central midfield is now very strong Flynn Power Kiltie Erahon McPherson and McGrath good completion and of course Power and Kiltie will already have good understanding
  9. Magnus: I know Power is 33 however I think too much is made of age look at Steve Davies at Rangers he is 35 Power apparently is very fit and energetic and has played a lot games in recent season hopefully he is ideal to compliment our young midfielders.
  10. JG well covered in midfield now with Flynn Power McPherson Erahon Kiltie and McGrath
  11. Transfer Fee agreed with Killie apparently
  12. Wouldn't have surprised me if JG had taken contract offer off the table likewise the same may happen to JDH
  13. To be honest I'm am not fussed if he stays or goes but come on Dundee Utd having a laugh obviously his agent stirring up interest time for JG to move on if there is no definitive in the next 24 hours JDH has had quite long enough
  14. Not up to Premier standard but good move for him and Killie apparently he can walk to Rugby Park from his house so no expenses there then
  15. So so well deserved terrific young player and so unassuming young man fully deserved in my opinion
  16. Just wonder if we are one of a number of clubs interested in Dunfermline midfielder Kyle Turner currently on loan at Airdrie. Note that he rejected a new contract with Pars hence he was shipped out on loan.Anytime I watched Dunfermline on BBC earlier in the season he certainly looked the part.
  17. Apparently JG is set to announce which players will be departing
  18. Agree add the fact we beat every top side except Hibs good season for me
  19. Assume Durmus and Doyle-Hayes are off to pastures knew where is our captain?
  20. Gary agree with you say with the exception of Finlayson t think he will come good in time but is very young for a central defender I feel that a season on loan with a Championship club would be best for him if you remember the likes of Naismith did that just my opinion.I consider we have a great back four that more or less picks itself with an outstanding keeper behind
  21. JG in media today confirming he expects around six new arrivals with of course certain players leaving the club
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