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  1. Well £50 at 6-1 pays for my season ticket. Thanks to Paddy Power for your generousity and to Div for the heads up. It would seem McBookie had the inside track on it whereas Paddy seemed unusually not at the races. I am sure they will recover!
  2. It was Paddy Power I got 6's with by the way, not McBookie
  3. My betting slip says 6/1. Bet placed 10 mins ago.
  4. TC still 6/1 with McBookie for those in the know that must be a licence to print money!!
  5. Can't be bothered trawling back, anybody mentioned Billy McKinlay yet? Current Northern Ireland assistant. I manage a guy who's a pro footballer who just got a call to say stick a tenner on him. Source is an ex Blackpool player who is no stranger to the bookies and funnily enough no mention of Barry Ferguson!!
  6. I spoke to John on Saturday night and he said he had had a phone call asking him if the Saints job were available, would he be interested. He said he would be interested. Also seemed a smashing big bloke, delighted to be still alive after his illness. Must have a wealth of contacts in the game from England, Scotland and Wales. I would 2nd his appointment.
  7. All very quiet for a match day? I am firmly in the right up for this camp and I hope the players feel likewise! I am going for a hard fought 2-1 win against 10 man Saintees. Going 1 up, losing a softer than soft equaliser, man off for Saintess with 20 mins to go, huff, puff, huff, puff then sclaffed winner in injury time!!
  8. I thought we played well up to their penalty box. Toothless in there but did have numerous chances. McGowan always spun the wrong way and was badly at fault for their 2nd goal doing exact same in middle of the park. Always looked likely to be sliced open at the back and tbh the green shame should have been out of sight had it not been for poor finishing, amazing clearances and the offside flag. Have to say the officials were very good to us today. Enjoyed Kello's punch at the rear of the ugly ones's napper. Also Pukki is absolute honking. Could have had 2 or 3 in ten mins on the park and was rancid. And in other news I had a tenner on Aberdeen, Inverness, Motherwell and St J so I have a hundred and forty of William Hills pounds to enjoy on a write off saturday where we never really lost any ground.
  9. It shouldn't be too much of a dilemma, Goodwin is still suspended and Djembax2 has been a failed experiment so far. The guy clearly has something about him, decent feet, nice touches, but jeezo he is so slow and every tackle he lunges into could be a booking. Stick with the youngsters for Tannadice!
  10. Good move. DD seems so far off the pace it's no real! Win or bust now.
  11. Good feeling about today. Like the idea of Magennis and Thommo up front. 3-1 Saints, McLean, Magennis and Thommo. Some twat in blue for them. COYS
  12. Saints 5-1 with Hills over 90 mins on Sunday. Gotta be worth a tenner!
  13. All down to interpretation my monkey friend. I have used it to suggest that the info is bona fide on this occasion however!
  14. Or I could be some sort of other manager if said player was part time these days!! I'll let you guess!
  15. Not only a mate but I manage him too! Scoff all you like though, would be somewhat worried if nobody did given some of the pish spouted on here!
  16. Kinda liked the thought of him as a footballer coming to Saints but he kinda ruined it with his response to my mates question!! Lol
  17. I kind of understand it, the direct quote that is, translates to "I am an utter twat with over inflated opinion of myself and mostly communicate in text speak as the english language, has, and always will, be far too difficult to perfect with my limited cranial resources"
  18. Not made up Mr Faraway. Gospel. However you are entitled to your own opinions, unfortunately you share most of them with us!!
  19. True we are interested, very unlikely to happen though. Got a mate who plays pro in Scotland who's one of Stevo's mates and he spoke to him today about it. The money, or the distinct lack of it, in our offer, is nowhere near what he feels he is worth! Quote "They would need to sell half their team to afford me lol" I feel we should move on from this one!
  20. I have to say...........what a crap draw. Worst we could have got other than darkheed. All a bit meh now to be honest. If we beat Queens we will need to hope Danny boy learned from the recent pasting we received up there!
  21. Great link! Enjoyed the replay to confirm what my eyes saw earlier! 2 pens could be seen as soft but pens none the less and the porkly wright had to go. Good save from the captains pen, not a great pen, but young mclean showed him how to do it! And how sweet thommo's winner! Off to bed happy!
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