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  1. Enough of this who's right and who's wrong regarding the CiC, lets get down to brass tacks... So your sons receive banter, hugs and are welcomed by their peers when in public where as onsight you are verbally abused with possibly hot, definitely fatty foods thrown at you Was this some kind of retaliation for the smashed up DVD incident or possibly some kind of militant equality group for pensioners or disabled person's rights?...
  2. I don't know if I'd go as far as saying it was 'very good'. I just based my judgement on what the OP actually said... Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay.
  3. He never said anything about selling it. He's only asking how much someone would pay for it.
  4. The thing that pisses me off about this forum is the fact that the sweary censorship always changes f**k so it always beings with a lower case f. This is very annoying when I want to start a sentence with the word f**k.
  5. Nice gesture by both davidg and BillyM.
  6. I'd be up for sticking in a few quid for a brick or some such. One thing I like about this place, although we all think of each other as bawbags at times, there is a sense of camaraderie between the support, especially on the forum. Again, RIP buddie, you'll be missed on here and by the sounds of it, in The Tile also. God bless.
  7. f**kING HELL!!!!!!! That really sucks. My thoughts are with his family. An excellent poster and a good buddie. RIP - the V families thoughts are with his.... Very sad news
  8. You have to admit though, no matter how dull the football has been, and no matter how many times he's said it. He does have a point.
  9. how? Did it grow hair?

  10. Don't know how many of youse played it but Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox was no bad...
  11. In no particular order: Half Life Counter-Strike Super Mario Bros 3 Doom Street Fighter 2
  12. That's funny you found all that stuff out, cos I found exactly the same thing by reading the link on HSS' original thread about this...
  13. V...

    Desktop Wallpaper

    Or maybe vouchers for free taxi trips
  14. V...

    Macbook Pro

    I'm practically a mac virgin, apart from fingering a few of the older models in my school days. Due to court orders, fines and threats of prosecution after my 3 year hate mail campaign to Bill Gates - some people don't find receiving mailed jobbies as funny as I do, it seems (specky twat, probably a closet homo). So anyways, since Windows is more shite than everything. I think I want a mac. Don't want a linux machine as usually their users are smelly gimps more interested in sci-fi than normal things such as animal porn. Any buddie out there know anything about these contraptions and if they'll speed up my endless web hunts for hardcore beastiality sites any? Oh aye, I need to do web pagey stuff on it anaw.
  15. V...

    Bet Any Money

    right then its abett
  16. V...

    Bet Any Money

    bet any money youse all watch startreck voyager and the borg and that
  17. CAnny beleive how many geeks there are on this forum And i thougt people would just talk about football
  18. Ans I assume you have unlimmited intellect :blink: :blink: WOW shold be asking you the ToE then
  19. Youd probaly likethe Harry Potter books if you read all that kinda stuff
  20. Probably most of the pointless stuff you start ya bunnet
  21. No offense or anythin but this guys a bit of a bawbag
  22. know what you mean exactly I think books are boring as well and most people that read them ar usually boring as well
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