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  1. or just wishful thinking! [emoji23][emoji12] Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  2. What a week for new releases! We Were Promised Jetpacks new album Enjoy The View is an absolute thing of majesty! Love it. The LNFG re-release of Trashcan Sinatras 1993 album I've Seen Everything is a thing of beauty. It has claimed bagsies on the car cd player! (Aye... I'm that retro!) Musical manna! [emoji3590]
  3. Bright Music... Released today. The new album by Public Service Broadcasting. These guys are insanely talented and so original. https://publicservicebroadcasting.bandcamp.com/album/bright-magic
  4. It's on the tellybox but any idea if it will be on Saints PPV?
  5. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting. Maybe he and Kyle were going to jobshare?
  6. I thought Shaughnessy had his best game yet for Saints. Flawless. I was slaughtered last week for saying that I thought he played better with McCarthy beside him. I stand by that.
  7. How to use cash out for the good. At 1-0 Saints I had a bad feeling we would sit back and try to defend it. I put £5 on a Hibs win... and £5 on a draw. When Hibs were 2-1 up, I felt Saints would fight back and cashed out the Hibs win for £22.50. At 2-2 I cashed out the draw in case Saints won! Win win from a draw!
  8. You enjoyed it after all then? [emoji23][emoji12]
  9. Solid performance. Solid tactics. Well deserved point. Brain fart by Millar... Stupidity. Fantastic leading of the line by Brophy and what a finish. Captain Shaughnessy has been prone to errors in the past but didn't put a foot wrong today and what a finish for the equaliser. Well played Saints. Enjoyed that.
  10. We would have conceded the midfield and been dead and buried by half time. We may have started with one striker, but we were far from defensive. You need possession of the ball to do anything positive.
  11. Chaaaaaarge! Full court press please. Hibs sitting back.
  12. Stupidity by Miller. Stonewall penalty. Just knew it was going down the middle. Typical Saints... Trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Need to deal with Scott Allan... Great player. Wouldn't mind seeing him in the stripes of St Mirren! COYS We have controlled large periods of the game. Started second half 10 minutes after Hibs... but no reason why we cannot get something out of this.
  13. Corner Hibs. I fear with every set piece against us.
  14. Whapped a huge £2 on County before the match. Jambos believing their own press. County are streetwise and wil.pick them off.
  15. Tongue in cheek I hope! Very disciplined performance against a team that is flying and aiming to go top of the league today. We have controlled large parts of the game and defended well when we had to. I've actually enjoyed it so far... Value for money at £15. If you grudge your £60 having expected total football and sublime entertainment, more fool you! Well played on going and supporting the team tho. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  16. What has Brophy ever done for us? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] What a finish! Sublime. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  17. Actually a very even game so far. Unsurprisingly, Magennis looking very good against us. John McGinn went there. Became a top player for Scotland. Paul McGinn went there... Got his first cap. What odds on Magennis following suit? Back to us... Playing well but slack final ball letting us down. Power losing possession a bit too easily for my liking. Keeping the faith though. COYS.
  18. What odds on Magennis and JDH both scoring today? [emoji850][emoji174][emoji26]
  19. It's hellish Slash. So sad. I've supported a number of people only in their 50s over the years. So cruel on the whole family. [emoji174] Without giving any spoilers away, the way the young carer saw the person inside, his remaining abilities and the potential he had made the programme for me.
  20. It was originally intended as a three part TV drama but they released it as a one off 90 minute TV movie.
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