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  1. The truth hurts, bully boy!
  2. Says the antagonist playground bully who goes out of his way to provoke a reaction uninvited. Master baiter.
  3. At 2-0 up and in complete control, their keeper had a couple of fantastic saves that had they gone in, would have seen us out of sight. Second half was frustrating. Never a sending off tho! The penalty was an abhorration. Completely avoidable but completely the right decision. So frustrating. Three times this season Hearts have taken points from us that were not deserved... only ourselves to blame. 😥
  4. "practically ALWAYS" means not every time. Progress. Thank you.
  5. "Wild claims"? You know this how? Proof since you are happy to accuse in public?
  6. Jock Zonfrillo, one of the three hosts of MasterChef Australia, died suddenly aged 46, leaving behind his wife and 4 young children. So sad. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-65446351
  7. Thanks professor. Grateful for your informed wisdom!
  8. Thanks professor. Grateful for your informed wisdom!
  9. Thanks professor. Grateful for your informed wisdom!
  10. Horse, in the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine. Just wow. 😎♥️
  11. 5-0 up after 21 minutes! Holy crap. Whoda thunkit?
  12. Yvonne Lyon in Cottiers on Friday night. Sublime.
  13. The new album by Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs... Keep Your Courage. ♥️😎
  14. What a weekend. Saturday night was a triple bill 4 hour extravaganza. Three brilliant artists. 4 hours of entertainment. All for £12 The Georgian Hotel in Coatbridge with gigs run by www.50rpm.co.uk Adriana Spina from Coatbridge. Mike and Ruthy from New York. Danni Nicholls from Nashville. Stunning. Stunning. Better still was Friday night when I chanced my arm.amd asked Danni Nicholls if she fancied a house gig on the night before. She was in the area and doing nothing anyway. The outcome was a private house gig for 23 incredibly fortunate souls! Best musical £15 I've sent. Truly memorable experience. ♥️😎
  15. I think Hibs will be next. Quote from their manager... On the penalty incident involving on-loan Manchester United defender Fish, Johnson said: “It’s a ridiculous challenge to make. Ridiculous. But he knows. He actually had a chance to make amends at the other end, but I felt the big moment was Elie Youan’s opportunity. “Elie was poor. We missed him last week, but he was poor today. It’s all right saying you’re trying, but you’ve got to produce in those key moments. “The penalty is just a green decision that a wily old cat like Steven Fletcher is always going to take advantage of.” Oh dear... When a manager publicly slates his players, trouble is already afoot. I'd worry if I was a Hibbee! 4 straight defeats and the manager playing the public blame game.
  16. Even funnier is all the Jambo fans in meltdown. OK they are on a bad run... But they are still 4th (for now). I wonder how much of the venting is due to the run... and how much is because it was Saints that put them to the sword. They fair know how to hold a grudge! 😂😂😂
  17. My own experience of Robison is that she is an incompetent chancer who changes her mind and policies like the wind and totally lacks substance or credibility. Oh. Thase are her strong points! Wouldn't trust her to run a raffle!
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