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  1. Nessun ......Durmus.. [emoji108]. Plus a new LB should calm the Watters
  2. Off topic. Vaclav Hladky..... Newspapers suggested that Quarabag (or carrier bag) had offered £200k and suggested they were well capable of paying him SIX times the wages he is currently on. I am delighted to keep him and invest in this season, however, does that then imply that they could afford an offer SIX times that of their initial tester bid? I’m also hopeful that all is not lost with Popescu, just yet.
  3. Was Jack Ross a better Manager here? Really...how? Both performed Great escapes. When we got promoted under Ross we limped over the line with very strange subbings and tactics. All hail Jack Ross who took off elsewhere. Perhaps Coleraine are a better Club than us, smaller in size but less whingein fickle fans. When we won the play offs to a man we were applauding the man. If not you were absent. Then out come the yellow backbone of our fickle support. Was he perfect, far from it but was learning. Man up ... our club foikd up big time. If Goodwin is in the same position I hope he can perform a Great escape of the Club too.
  4. Children please. Now sit up straight and back to topic. There, that’s better.
  5. Suppose things change fast. Around a week ago (circa) Coleraine asked Dundalk permission to interview their Manager for the Coleraine Manager job.
  6. Or... not happy with him commuting on a daily basis with assistant Kenny Shiels (Father in Law) hmmmmmmm.?
  7. Meanwhile, ....in attempt to pull it back towards the general topic ..... Have we missed out on Donati. With him taking the #2 @ Killie? We certainly will now not have his connect with Owner and Manager at Leeds Utd for a start. He is well thought of in coaching terms and was involved with the acknowledged Hamilton Accies youth set up. I know this isn’t talking about any future signings but with a big void in any updates or other suggestions, hopefully trigger others on topic with who they’d like brought in. With reported offers being made to Gary and Muzek are things dragging on them? If not them who to get? I’m still hopeful on Popescu coming, but the ones at the back in contract leaves Baird and Erahon alone at the back on centre to left. Sure we need about 8 players. Until they come, who should we go for?Realistically. Alternative is talk more off topic stuff.
  8. Safranko is getting touted for a possible loan deal move to our league. Not back to the Scottish Championship thus not returning DUtd.
  9. Who should we sign? With suggestions that Mihai Popescu could be bought now for less than first mentioned. Would he be the priority? Gary Mac re signed? Ross McCrory being touted by Rangers as their future Captain material but are hinting he go on loan for a short term. Should we show interest? Stelios now looking for a Club and free agent. Add your wants to the post. (Might save time if we refrain from any obvious out of our range players.)
  10. I think Popescu is a great player for us. We should do all within our means to get him. As with Vaclav, we may then be in for more money to repay our investment, and in the meantime retain a solid want to win player.
  11. Yeah that’s correct. Tony uses the restaurant regularly and I know the entire team went there on the eve of both our play offs. I understand comments preferring someone more experienced for that role and I can find reason with that because Oran whilst experienced for a long time in football management is relatively new at our level. On the flip side everyone has to start somewhere (we’d never had taken Fergie for example). Sometimes it can be down to the right timing for availability. Donati is eager to get started and having recently stopped playing is agile to take training. Looking at his previous teams he has played for Milan, Sampdoria, Bari x2, Celtic, Hamilton and us. He is connected to the Italian owner of an English Championship side. He WILL go into management and wants a full manager role, so think he might be tempted to our assistant role because it is local and he has an obvious interest with us. I believe he is well regarded by the players. I also would like to see Anton in this role. I agree with other comments made as to why this might not happen. Two good candidates to try before going for an unknown. Other thought is perhaps Oran has his own preference from his homeland..
  12. I think Massimo Donatti would be a contender. Is fit enough to take coaching sessions! Local, with a strong playing credentials for experience, plus has many connections including the owner of Leeds Utd. (For tapping) I know he didn’t make many appearances during his time recently but is fully qualified and has attended a lot of our games this year. Worth a look at
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