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  1. 1. Terry And June 2. Neighbours (original with Barry Crocker singing) 3. Wimbledon 4. Beechgrove Garden (original) 5. Kickstart
  2. It is virtually all electronic, some really good songs on it, it's a bit like a cross between Violator & Exciter. Glad they have gone back to there synthie roots!
  3. 1. V/A -Synthetic Broadway (synthpop covers of songs from musicals) 2. Icehouse - Great Southern Land (best of) 3. Marlow - InsideOutside 4. Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe 5. Rupesh Cartel - The Disco And The What Not
  4. I suppose I actually have a top ten, so here the other 5 faves. 1. Romper Stomper 2. Crackerjack 3. Chopper 4. Picnic At Hanging Rock 5. The Cars That Ate Paris
  5. 1. The Castle 2. The Plumber 3. Wolf Creek 4. Strange Bedfellows 5. The Dish
  6. Robbie Williams Bono Paul McCartney Noel Gallagher Fran Healy
  7. 1. The Disco And The What Not - Rupesh Cartel 2. A Soft Exchange - elegant MACHINERY 3. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 4. Mondovisione - Righiera 5. Strange Charm - Gary Numan
  8. 1. Vollmond - A Swiss beer that is only brewed on the night of a full moon (no joke!), hard to find, occassionaly lurking on some shelves in Peckhams, but thas the best flavour of any beer 2. DAB - Dortmund lager, like Becks but far more refreshing taste to it 3. Castlemaine Gold - Almost impossible to find in the UK, this Aussie lager excellent, almost has a thick texture to it, million times better that Castlemaine XXXX 4. Steinhauser - This is only available in Aldi (but don't let that put you off!), it is brewed in Dortmund from the brewers that make DAB, 6 bottles for £3.29! 5. Messina - Sicilian lager, really crisp, fairly easy to find in good off sales and Peckhams
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