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  1. Some scumbag updated Jamie McGrath's Wikipedia page and had his current club as Hibernian and squad number 11, I have now gone in and changed it back to St Mirren and number 7
  2. Actually Digby Brown sounds more like a Flareybob signing target
  3. Digby Brown Solicitors, never heard of them tbh, Digby Brown sounds like a character from a Children's Film Foundation movie
  4. Interesting interview with former Stranraer player and St Mirren fan Graham Duncan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaJvFHvTqFQ&t=435s&ab_channel=RyanKelly
  5. He had a 12 match ban that season after being shown the red card 3 times in a midweek home match against Mothewell in October 1986
  6. Got to be only one song for him then - Ilkay Squad sung to the tune of Alky Squad
  7. Great interview. Is it just me or does Lee Sharp look like an anorexic version of John Coughlin?
  8. Stubbs has a better start to his St Mirren managerial career than Jack Ross had, and we are only 6 points off the top of the league.
  9. Les Fridge suffered internal bleeding as result of Darren Jackson in that game at Tannadice. In the late 90s I remember reading that Darren Jackson had water on his brain and had to get emergency treatment, surely he could have just got a tap on his head to stop it.
  10. I would rather have Alan Stubbs instead of Jim McIntyre as McIntyre is a cheque book manager whereas Stubbs is more committed towards youth development which is more St Mirren orienatated, youth players wouldn’t be given a look in under McIntyre.
  11. https://www.sundaypost.com/news/scottish-news/livingston-fc-under-fire-for-giving-coaching-role-to-drugs-crook/
  12. Paul Lambert manager St Mirren FC, Greenhill Road - be there or be square
  13. Now on the kings of fake news website too: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44226120
  14. https://www.stmirren.com/news/fans/fans-news/1014-smisa-wall Great idea. Couldn't see my name from the photo, hopefully more will be posted to look at soon as I won't get the chance to get the stadium for a few weeks.
  15. 10 Oct - Gary Numan, ABC Glasgow13 Oct - Half Man Half Biscuit, ABC Glasgow14 Oct - China Crisis, Greystones Sheffield20 Oct - China Crisis, Tolbooth Stirling28 Oct - Blancmange, Audio Glasgow19 Nov - OMD, Royal Concert Hall Glasgow14 Dec - China Crisis, The Cavern Liverpool15 Dec - China Crisis, The Cavern Liverpool16 Dec - China Crisis, Oran Mor, Glasgow
  16. Jack Baird makes Robert Dawson look like Franco Baresi
  17. Chester Bennington sounds like the name of a player that Flareybob would say we are signing
  18. Saints played in blue away to Slavia Prague
  19. I remember "Chick Young's Souvenir Programme" which had a brief stint on Radio Clyde, it was like a poor man's version of Desert Island Discs with a guest from Scottish football on it, I fondly remember Guni Torfason being the guest on it.
  20. Stopped listening to Radio Clyde when Frank Skerritt left. Superscoreboard is just for bitter Old Firm fans, I much prefer evening editions 0f Sportsound on Radio Scotland, but miss it during the close season
  21. Get that Tory councillor to put up a statue of Jack Ross on Greenhill Road
  22. They should bring back the bid top for it's 30th anniversary
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