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  1. cant wait to sat now to see the saints hump the sheep!

  2. got told there is an italian over in portugal on trail with us.
  3. did you hear about the dyslexic pimp...he bought a warehouse

    1. jimdickloyal


      ADIS...don't die of dyslexia

    2. Otto Repoman

      Otto Repoman

      Scooter is an aft bastard.....

  4. steven mcgarry on twitter has just tweeted sir alex ferguson will step down as man utd boss within the next 48 hours!!!

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    2. billyg


      If the cap fits ...................

    3. santaponsasaint


      sure ur not otto repoman with all the dots

    4. billyg


      ............. wear it !

  5. just made a twitter profile,too see what all the fuss is about!!

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    2. scooter


      oh yes smokie...its good,,,so far....rio ferdinand and jack wilshire must spend all day on it...follow nigel hasselbaink aswell...but all his tweets are double dutch to me !!! haha

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      How many followers Scoot?

    4. scooter


      i have 1 follower only and have only made 1 tweet!!

  6. what do you call a donkey with no ears???anything you want,it canny hear you!!!

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    2. scooter


      haha..xmas cracker jokes canny beat them

    3. blackandwhite saints

      blackandwhite saints

      From the back of a packet of Wotsits.

    4. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      What do you call a deer with no eye.....no idea....does that work typed...dunno...no bothered...fuxake, nearly Monday

  7. derek young and paul mcgowan to sign in next few days

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    2. blackandwhite saints
    3. JJ McG

      JJ McG

      hope to god we dont sign young, he's shite.

    4. blackandwhite saints

      blackandwhite saints

      I agree^ I think hasslebaink is signing...

  8. give us another ireland or england pre-season tour!!

  9. wheres everybuddie heading for a swally after the game today then?

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    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      See, you and thinking, told ye before, it disnae work. ;)

    3. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      I'm in training for Saints Aid....got a case of Guinness in the hoose.

    4. shawl


      st sid's gay bar

  10. lets hope for a good result tonight....the players owe us and thereselves a good shift!!

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      See Scooter, your "hope" was enough to see us through, well done. ;)

  11. last day at work tomorrow till tuesday...happy days!

    1. smfctid


      wits tamata wae u? alrite mate! mad 1 this weekend then?

    2. scooter


      theres nothin mirange with me...yeah prob mate!!you?

    3. smfctid


      u know it brother lol

  12. gee nick hegarty a game on sunday...drap higdon!!

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    2. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      Pretty sad that you're slagging off a player that broke his leg in his first game for us. Give him a chance furfuxake.

    3. Kendo


      Not slagging him, only pointing out he is not Nani.

    4. salmonbuddie


      He's not Nani and he's not Lennon but he's not up against EPL defenders either, is he?

  13. shove your cup game up yir arse...spend my 20 in the boozer!

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    2. scooter


      depends what leauge we are on about and if its a domestic treble or european cup fa cup and championship..haha

    3. santaponsasaint
    4. Kendo


      Get behind the team.

  14. cant wait to set of my flare at ayr!

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    2. HSS


      I heard the Sellic fans set one off tonight!!

    3. scooter


      aye,they have green and orange ones...mr panda wind yir neck in..bit of atmosphere

    4. Mr Panda

      Mr Panda

      atmosphere is created by singing and cheering, some c**t setting off a flare will add f**k all to the atmosphere

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