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  1. He'll have been on a stupid amount of money over there - we don't have a chance in hell of being able to afford his wages.
  2. I make my return to the dome next week! Been about a year since I last played there, or football for that matter, so expect me to be a tad rusty... Got a bit of pre season training before it, but I should be down in time for kick off.
  3. As the American football season is over, and we didn't make the playoffs (boooooooo) I am now able to rejoin the 8's until pre season! Deal me back in div!
  4. He needs game time, but unless we bring in another striker before the window shuts, I think he should stay and fight for his place. He's had a disrupted last two season tbh with injury, but he looked a very bright prospect before that. It took a while for McLean to cement himself into the team, as well as McAusland. He just needs time - he's only 19 ffs.
  5. I agree the sponsor is hideous. However, I can only assume that we're getting a lot of money to have that sponsor. I could live with the sponsor if it was on a good looking kit.
  6. I think the saddest thing about the away kit, is that it has two potentially great kits in it, and they've f**ked it up! Thick stripes on the home kit - it's not great, but it would be a nice change - a throw back to the 81/82 kit of sorts! An all yellow away top, with a simple collar, would be a great kit too. Not red, but after the success of last years yellow kit, it would fly off of the shelves! It really does look like they've been looking at template for the home kit, couldn't decide, so had to settle to use one as the away kit in someway, and now we have ended up with this monstrosity. Such a shame, over killed a design trying to be too fancy.
  7. 3-2 win over Raith Rovers in the 1999/2000 season. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1999&GameID=2918
  8. You know, I am a bit disappointed that he was not offered a new contract. He didn't play as well as he could last year, or even the year before that - probably due to what was happening off the field and his shoulder injury. However, Tommy Craig has obviously felt its for the best, and I trust him in that matter. He isn't the kind of person to take shit from a player. Look at Hasselwaink - Craig wanted him out the door asap.
  9. Away kit is horrible as well. Disappointed with this years efforts! Especially after the last 2 seasons.
  10. No...Home can be worn with the away kit and vice versa...
  11. 100% ours. I've seen them both. Both equally as bad. Home kit - That monstrosity, white shorts and black socks with a yellow cap... Away Kit - Dortmund Yellow. Faded black stripe down the centre of the jersey. Black shorts yellow socks. My guess is that the socks and shorts on both kits are designed to be interchangeable.
  12. We have momentum, and a little bit of belief at the moment. Factor that in with a big away support, I can see us winning 2 or 3-0. Very much looking forward to this game - Friday night football!
  13. Great team performance today. Showed grit and determination throughout, and a real desire to win - something we have been lacking this season. Goodwin shouldn't have gone in for that challenge, but it was never a red card. Let's not let that incident take the shine off of a great team performance. Onto Friday!
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