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  1. This is why I hope we skelp these c&nts tonight.
  2. Games not over yet. We will score again. Shaugnessy gives me the fear though.
  3. https://www.gmfc.net/club-statement-4/
  4. Just caught the game now. Passing was awful and that's what did us early on. Slight improvement second half. Congrats to Dylan Reid. On to Hamilton now.
  5. Unless I've missed something, don't we have five games after the split to try and get the fifth place? Obviously we need to make the top 6 to have that chance?
  6. Cheers bud. Fingers crossed [emoji1696]
  7. Have we found out the extent of the injury yet? Sorry in advance if it's been posted elsewhere. With JDH on crutches it's getting a bit concerning
  8. I don't think we can be too disappointed with a point. Our record here is abysmal, and a clean sheet after the green bigot debacle, and the growing injury list for me is a positive.
  9. This is post-mcgrath saints. Need to find a system that suits us now.
  10. You waited a whole 5 minutes before your doom and gloom post after they scored. Sloppy
  11. Is it a rule that loan players can't play? Is it a 'gentleman's ' agreement? Wouldn't start him as it is, but would be a good option to bring him off the bench.
  12. I'd play 2 up front against this mob. If we go and defend we will get humped. Have a go against them. It worked for Livi. Twice.
  13. Jim saying tonight that Foley probably away and looking to getting a left footed defender to provide cover at the back as all our back four are right footed.
  14. Can see both sides of the argument, but I won't be judging him until he has played a few games for us. Hoping he can play alongside Obika, but not sure that's what he's been brought in for.
  15. Quite relaxed about this. We are playing good football. Only minus is morelos is out.
  16. How on earth Erwin gets on really is strange. He offers nothing. Get him punted
  17. Was going to say thats quite strong looking for this cup then realised its everyone we've got !
  18. Thanks cookie monster, just what I thought.just getting nervous at what's happening or not happening at the club at the moment. Still hoping Kibble are a positive step but yet too see any positives around the club. Early days I guess.
  19. So... when SMISA completes it buyout of GS shares, are they going to have 51% of the shares? If so, what would be the role of Kibble? Who would be chairman? Sorry if these questions have already been answered.
  20. I've calmed down a wee bit now. Still mad at JG for not using the subs but will wait to hear what he says. There's something not quite right at the club regardless of opinions on whether Magennis is good/ fit enough. Was JG given assurances Kyle would be kept? If so, then the board are stitching him up. Last ten years or so we haven't been able to kick on. Why not? Killie, fakes and Motherwell are light years ahead of us. Why? Even the change of board hasn't progressed us. What's going on with the Kibble? Who's calling the shots? I am currently paying money in to the club via SMISA every month on top of my season ticket and I have no idea whats going on. Shambles.
  21. https://ttpo.substack.com/p/why-st-mirrens-latest-signing-could
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