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  1. First game this season I've not bothered with in Saints TV, after seeing Agnew in the first 11 I think it was a wise choice. What Goody done that he can't get a game ahead of Aggy. If Goodwin plays it allows Mallan to be that bit more adventurous, but what do the fans know
  2. the team played well and set up very well. The young lad had a great chance in the second half and maybe falling to Shankland would have been better for us. Cant blame anyone for the loss, yeah Irvine made a hellish clearance but I'm sure he was knackered by that point and it was just tiredness setting in, other than that he done ok against a very good player in O'Halloran, who cost 500k lets not forget that. we are heading the right way slowly and 4 points out 6 in the next 2 games would cement how we are getting on. The only other worry is Clarkson not looking like scoring since joining us, i think he's still got something about him but strikers need goals so hopefully he will get one on Tuesday night
  3. if someone has info about the player, and keeps hinting that there is more to the Goodwin situation, then stop hiding behind the keyboard and step up and spit it out. its pathetic shite like this that is ruining this forum.
  4. FFS, how can people still be complaining about results, 3 points is 3 points. yeah it would be great to be playing brilliant football, creating chance after chance and winning games easily, but lets get real, we've been brutal for years, we have rarely won 2 games in a row and the football hasn't been great, christ even when we were playing some nice stuff when Danny first came in we struggled in most games and still never won that many. Rae has been told to come in and sort the mess on the field out, he's starting to do that and everything is about getting points, i said it weeks ago i don't give a toss if we are brutal on the eye, we just need points on the board. in the 30 years I've followed saints i think there have been 1 maybe 2 seasons at a push that have been exciting and i looked forward to every game knowing i would get entertained. following Saints isn't always going to be pretty on the eye and we won't see the team brush others aside with ease, but thats what makes it all the sweeter when we do get the occasional outstanding performance. if you want 90 minutes of free flowing football and a team creating a heap of chances then maybe following Saints isn't for you. Take a look around the game in Scotland and let me know how many teams are worth watching, i will say you will be lucky to find 1 or 2. Just get behind the team ffs
  5. We've been brutal so far, but as said in another thread, performances mean nothing, it all about getting points however you can. Great strike from Mallan
  6. i seen the highlights that were posted of the young saints team and it looks great that they are encouraged to play the game from the back and the passing and movement was great to see. i would love our team to play like that week in week out but football is about results at this level, doesn't matter how you get them, 3 points is 3 points and I've got no issue with Rae having to play less attractive football to get points. I said it last week that Webster, Baird and Kelly are particularly poor when they are in possesion and Rae obviously feels the same way. we are limited in the numbers of decent passers we have in the team but those who are capable of playing a bit are the ones who should be getting the ball, Mallan, Quinn and to a point Gallacher. I would prefer us to play nice football and win games but things have been so bad over the last 2 years or so that just winning games is enough for me at the moment,
  7. McGinn offered a lot more in an all round sense. i would take either of kenny or John before Stevie at the moment but in 2 years or so he has the potential to go further than those 2 have at this point
  8. i would have liked to see him given a chance behind the striker, in the McGowan role if you like. he was very quick footed and I'm sure would have been more effective in there. he would also have been fouled umpteen times a game giving Mallan more opportunities from set plays
  9. Lets enjoy a win at home finally, however the level of performance needs to improve a lot. there were some moments of decent football and others of schoolboy standards. We are heading in the right direction slowly but just consolidate this season and then try starting a fresh in the summer as there should be only 4-5 of these guys being kept. the defence looks a bit better, midfield has a couple of decent players and up front we look like we can start scoring more freely, but we seem to have a huge issue pulling it all together, a gowser type player is what we need, but there aren't exactly many going around
  10. The problems all stem from the back 4, not one single decent pass has been made from them in the first half. Baird just launches every ball that comes to him, Kelly smashes every ball down the line and webster is that slow he doesn't get the chance to make passes before he is closed down and just loses it. It must get better in the second half, on this form we are heading the wrong way after what was an encouraging week
  11. very poor start, no urgency at all, everyone seems to expect the guy next to him to produce the goods, someone needs to step up
  12. Just in from the Perth Glory game and now time to watch the main event, confident of a saints win, so much so that they were first pick on the coupon today
  13. every single player was outstanding that day, wish we still had that team together, probably the best I've ever seen us play,
  14. hopefully hit the ground running, we need a lift and if he can come in and get a goal on saturday then I'm sure he will end up being a very good addition. we've had a lot of players join and really struggle from the off, lets hope Clarkson can get in the goals right away. on another note, the spine of our team is very experienced and got youth mixed in, all players that should and I'm sure WILL have us higher up the table langfield Watson webster Mallan Goody Quinn Shankland Clarkson
  15. blues brothers is one of the best films ever, blues brothers 2000 on the other hand, well that was just shite watched a film called Tank Girl the other night, I'm still coming to terms with what i seen, horrible, horrible, horrible
  16. Aye but the snow was that heavy i couldn't see a bloody thing. Serious note, they actually just refund the money back, which was nice, now i get to waste it on the Alloa game
  17. Never expected anything today, the plus side is obviously Mallan finding the net again. the next 4 games are huge, 10 points would be ideal, anything less and we will still be looking down rather then up. a good week ahead Div? surely you don't mean Agnew is being replaced by a bag of coal in the midfield for the next game. Guy is god awful
  18. Know this is the radio thread but cannae find the Saints TV one and seeing as both the radio and TV are ran by UWS i thought i'd ask the question in here anyway. does anyone know what happens when a game is postponed like it was yesterday but folk have already paid for the coverage. Do we automatically get the re arranged fixture show without paying again? or do we just get a refund?
  19. Feel really sorry for the bloke who is over from New Zealand, although on the bright side he's the only saints fan in Paisley who hasn't seen us lose at home this year
  20. FFS I've just paid for the game to be told by the commentator its off, i better get the re scheduled game without paying now
  21. Does the heating stay on during the game? if it does you would think there would be enough heat to help stop the snow sitting on the surface
  22. No paying for Saints TV until i know this game will def be on, looking at pictures it seems every chance it will be abandoned early on
  23. Agnew starting again, he must be f**king brilliant in training if he gets a start every week
  24. FFS so much moaning about the snow, i'd f**king murder for snow just now, it was 37 degrees sitting next to the pool today COYS
  25. thank god I'm in Perth, it was a nightmare keeping up with the Saints when i was in Ballarat, 11pm Kick off for me. Must admit even though I've no seen us win on Saints TV this season, it is a bloody great idea and makes sure guys like us can keep in touch with the team
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