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  1. Get real here people. Every player is looking for the best deal and some. like Doyle Hayes, are likely to command a bit more attention than others. Professional players are like most contract workers. They'll go where they get the best deal. The club put down a firm offer and wait to see if someone betters it. No harm. No foul.
  2. I'm impressed. An idiot that can type while reversing. Take a bow FS. (Does that stand for F'n stupid?
  3. I must have misheard as I thought the Beeb said the German contingent were ok to travel now. ETA. It appears not the old firm believe this too. Austria set to face Scotland with full-strength squad - Not The Old Firm
  4. It was akin to him giving a penalty to sevco as they walked out the tunnel.
  5. No surprise that we end up travelling to Dingwall on a midweek, evening fixture.
  6. I think it must be remembered that wee broonie refused to blood the young talent before he fecked off. Near half the Scotland squad gave up when he got the job so Berti had to try to rebuild during qualifiers. I still think he may have got it right if he had a little more time and a lot more patience from the supporters.
  7. I was discounting Hamilton because, if we drew with them and all other results were as printed we could be in eleventh place on goal difference. My bad. We'd be 1 better off than Kilmarnock.
  8. I think I updated this correctly. The above projection assumes there are no draws. Highly unlikely so I believe we're as safe as we can be under the circumstances. In fact I think a draw for us against anyone apart from Hamilton would guarantee our safety.
  9. Covid vaccine: US trial of AstraZeneca jab confirms safety - BBC News This trial shows a fantastic outcome for the astrazeneca vaccine. 100% protection from severe illness.
  10. It isn't rocket science. Einstein not required. I think I'd already explained this far more concisely before today's result.
  11. Theoretically, we can. What cost us was the four in a row home draws. Win one of them and we were almost certainly there. We didn't. We didn't set up with that mentality. We now need the manager to step up and get the team playing on the front foot to win one, just one game, in the next five to ensure we aren't dragged into any dog fight. Who would bet on us beating Dundee U, Motherwell, Ross County, Hamilton or a resurgent Kilmarnock?
  12. IF we get that coveted 6th place we could do worse than give these lads a shot in the run in. We don't expect to get any better than 5th and some of the first team lads will probably be moved on in the summer.
  13. Not for me. I don't get those who think he brings enough to the table. He doesn't do enough of the dirty part of the game to get a pass on not scoring enough for a number 9. There are plenty of non scoring strikers who would put in a shift and hold the ball up better.
  14. A "fake replica" would be the real thing. Not necessarily. It could be a poor rip off of a replica. Third generation fake.. Feckin' pedants!🤣
  15. It makes sense to have a forgery. The club is after all, a fake replica.
  16. That's not the topic on this thread though. It's a complaint about that thread being deleted. IMO, the original discussion was done to death and had meandered so it being deleted didn't mean a damn thing in the larger scheme. IF BinEK really wanted to make something of it there was/are better platforms to make the complaint. He was simply making a comment and that comment was commented on. Given the length of the thread I'm sure everyone who wanted to contribute had done so and I never saw one person change there stance so it impacted on no one when it was deleted.
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The REAL forum fool's standard reply I see.
  18. Did he? Where did he "own me"? I said the thread had been done to death. It had. IF someone wanted it taken seriously and followed up, a wee fans' forum isn't going to cut it. IF the poster seriously thought something was so foul that it needed to be addressed then a wee fans' forum isn't the place to get justice. I never once said it shouldn't have been discussed. I said, and I repeat, there are far better platforms to air this and have it taken further. To bleat on about a thread being deleted as if it was going to change the world is ludicrous.
  19. Why? It was discussed. It ran it's course. What bloody difference did it make to the world when one of your wee threads was deleted? Remember I'm not saying you were wrong to discuss it. Only that it made no real difference to the world when it was deleted.
  20. IF I was the only person you've wrongly called it and claimed you were speaking on behalf of all the forum users, it would still show you to be just as big an idiot as most of your other statements. I have a feeling, if I looked back, it would prove you to be a liar as well as a fool.
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