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  1. ...as 95.1% of the Universe is currently "missing" the rationality you speak of has only so far been applied to 4.9% of everything....reckon the Jury is still out for us both
  2. Nope in Kentucky not Argentina https://arkencounter.com/
  3. Well done....though i assume suitable money laundering checks have been done on you?
  4. Fair enough i would assume David should know all about it.
  5. General Meeting...in otherwords if you gelt the Board were not telling you something that they should you could call a GM (used to be called an EGM) and ask the board direct via a motion
  6. SMiSA own enough shares for a GM and have a board member how on earth do the committee of SMiSA not know this already?
  7. Shame you didnt add politeness and tolerance to your list.... ...and the implication of your statement that "your values" noted above mean you cannot be a board member of SMISA as these values are found wanting in that organisation is frankly offensive unless you are prepared to be "open..." and "honest.." and actually say what you mean and so add "transparency" to your values.... .....but i suspect you are more likely to add hipocracy to your values than prove any of your self proclaimed ones noted above.. Yours in Love [emoji4]
  8. I believe this is what is being refered to: http://www.yolandaslittleblackbook.com/blog-1/2016/11/13/alex-soltani-beverly-hills-house/
  9. there is only one Supporters Direct, as the not very well known song goes. SDS is a Scottish operation of SD, it is SDS i do stuff with as they are up here
  10. It would be improper to say anything as i have an ongoing responsibility with SD
  11. No set way, you can pretty much contract whatever you want, though there are some set rules for young and homw grown players. The other thing you can also do is Sell your sell on clause, so say St Mirren wanted to raise money now, they could sell McGinns clause back to hibs for an advance on the cash that would be due at a sale
  12. I know it will meet with strong disagreement, but he was the one player, when i saw him play that actually seemed to egg on his team mates and get stroppy with them for poor play, he played the Gowser role of moaning at everyone, while everyone else Captain included seemed deathly quite, i suspect he will do very well with Jim D.
  13. IIRC that rule is correct for within country, you can "loan" (although it is actually a transfer, as many as you like over 21 from outside Scotland....happy to be corrected it was a few years ago now
  14. I refer you to Godwins Law....should be a section all on its own
  15. Who will tell you it is nothing to do with them
  16. I assumed that the SMISA elections, since they achieved the first stage in their shareholding aim,were of the same form as others i have been involved in, in that all those standing for election had to declare the names of any social media alias that they had, it would appear that this is not the case.
  17. And that is no different to now. Smisa have a contract to pay GS. That is a debt. And when paid after 10years they will own the Club. Other than the price paid and the membership fee being £12 rather than £10 is the same system. "There is nothing new under the sun"
  18. I dont mind that much that you try to be an online "big man" and that your default setting seems to just to abuse those you disagree with but lies is a different thing as you very well know just like the SMISA bid the Club under any fanownership scheme would be saddled with ZERO debt. But glad nonetheless that your were finally convince FO is a good idea...though not quite sure you yet grasp some of the finer points of Buliding a Community outwith the lifelong fan
  19. Dont think he even reads it. Think he just sees my name and breaks out in abuse.
  20. Again with the deflection. SMISA has already succeeded it has 25%plus ownership and a contract for more and did at a cheaper offer than me. There is nothing to be jealous of. It has succeded and i am happy to have helped it along the way.
  21. Nice deflection but a deflection nonetheless. I think you would serve the Club as a Director of its largest group shareholder by accepting you are part of the collectively responsible, and act to encourage a team and manager that are struggling rather than being all....i told you so...about it.
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