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  1. The best pie I've ever had at the fitba was at Lothian Thistle Hutchy Vale. Easily. Killie Pie was filled with Chappie by comparison.
  2. I don't think we've missed anyone through faffing about in this window. In fact we've been one of the most active sides so far in what has been a very uncertain time. By all accounts we'd been pretty organised going into this pre-season but of course there has been circumstances outwith our control that threw a bit of a spanner in the works. I'm not sure what this is in reference to. I'm guessing the fact that Hibs did quite a lot of business yesterday but their fans have been saying the exact same thing before now. Yesterday was their first business of this season so far. Gogic signing was one that we'd been very proactive in contacting early doors but once you know bigger money is on the table than we can offer, there's not a lot we can do. Nesbit is another that many have wished to come here but again, we've hardly been gazumped or caught out, Hibs paid £250k for him...something you'd never see us doing. Same with the O'Hara deal, we offered money and he went to the club he was with last season who finished 3rd. It's no big deal. There are plenty of good players out there, especially just now and a lot less clubs snapping them up. I'm willing to see where we are at the start of August and again at the end of August.
  3. It's a different scenario though. Scottish football finished lock stock and barrel. The member clubs unanimously agreed that the season could not be finished. Belgian football on the other hand, the FA ended the top flight early but bizarrely decided the second tier promotion playoffs could continue. The relegated clubs in the top flight then correctly asked why the 2nd tier can be player to a conclusion but not the top division. Of course, none of this will matter to you as you are already so far entrenched in your opinion that presenting facts to you at this point is like herding kittens.
  4. He looks far too lean to be Manzinga. Manzinga is a total tank.
  5. Gillingham reported on 11th June that we were speaking to him, nothing has come of it since. I can't see it happening. Be happy enough if it did though.
  6. Just seen that. Another defender. Good luck to the young man. Was hoping Akin Famewo would be back. Thought he and McCarthy had a good partnership. We need another striker as back up to Obika. But I guess Gys and Goody have that in hand. Coys Goodwin confirming he's brought him in as a holding mid who can provide backup the the centre halves. So we've definitely still in the market for a centre back or two.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-mirren-close-former-aberdeen-22291497
  8. Goodwin saying he's looking for 4 or 5 more to come in tonight on STV. No different to what he's said yesterday on Sky Sports News. Knowing Goodwin, he'll stretch that out to the full 5. I reckon he's also clearly downplaying it a wee bit as well given we just bid significant (for us) cash on a player last week that we ultimately just missed out on. Even if he does have a bit to throw about, he's not going to say 'I've got plenty of budget left' in the knowledge that agents are still trying to get as big a deal as possible for players. I think in the circumstances, if we start the season with 7 or 8 new faces, we'd have done OK.
  9. Agreed but if you are going 2 up top even 50% of the time, you definitely need a 4th forward in the squad. You saw last season what injuries and a lack of cover can do in devastating a squad. There are a lot of good options without clubs down south and you need to believe that the choice of clubs available to an out of contract player down there has narrowed significantly. I've said it before, we might get one or two players coming aboard that we'd normally have been beaten all ends up to getting.
  10. We actually ended up with six! Obika, Jakubiak, Morias, Cooke, Mullen and Chabbi. Obika and Morias are all that's left and given Goodwin enjoyed going with 2 up quite a lot last season, I'd be hopeful of Jakubiak returning to the club and another forward option.
  11. JG on Sky Sports saying 4 or 5 more in, primarily defenders. Also looking for another centre forward to compete with Jon Obika and Morias. Personally, I think 2 centre halves, a left back and two forward options are a must.
  12. For the love of God, please make sure the barbers reopen and get Jak in there! Welcome aboard!
  13. Would be very happy with that. Plenty of first team experience at a good level and a good age to boot!
  14. f**king horrific. There's not even words that can adequately sum it up.
  15. Educate yourself as to what freedom of speech actually is. Start with the Offense Principle. Freedom of speech may be the right to say what you want, when you want but there is nothing there to suggest it's 100% free of consequences when expressing outwardly slanderous, or inciteful language.
  16. Gordon will apparently be going back to Hearts. I've seen our name mentioned alongside Steven Lawless a couple of times today.
  17. Drop in pace doesn't necessarily matter. Sam Foley has lost a ton of pace from earlier in his career but he works like f**k.
  18. One signing. A Right back. Will wear number 2.
  19. Pretty much on the nose. There was also a story where word had got round about a pub a couple of miles over the Italian border in Yugoslavia that sold Whitbread and the whole bus more or less commandeered the place for a few days and drank their boozer dry.
  20. It was my old man who made the flag up. I was about 6 year old at the time of Italy 90. There's old photos somewhere of him and me with it. The name Billy the Fish though is right. Billy went to Italy with my dad quite late in the day but he was Celtic season ticket holder who my old man first met when working up in Aberdeen earlier on in 1990. The flag was ready to go to Italy long before Billy had agreed to. He can't remember who he gave the flag to at the end of the tournament but has a feeling it might have been big Ian Brown's boy, young Ian. He can't remember for certain though. Funny story, him and Billy were meant to be getting the supporters bus which was leaving in the middle of the night (again, think it was run by big Broony), both of them decided to have a bevvy in Billy's, fell asleep pished and when they woke up, realised they'd missed the bus by a couple of hours. As this was 1990 and no such thing as mobile phones, they couldn't tell anyone what had happened, so when they woke up, they just hoofed it down the airport, got a flight to London, a train to Dover then waited about at the ferry terminal for a couple of hours waiting on the passing bus to pick them up.
  21. Can't agree on Lamie. He'll never exactly pull up any trees but he's a pretty steady hand from what I've seen.
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