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  1. Aidan Connolly from dundee united has been released. He could be worth a shot..
  2. Players better be up for this. If we get pumped here there is no way back for us. Win here and the full place will get a lift.
  3. Wouldnt do any harm flinging 4/5 of the under 20s in. They certainly cant be any worse. Our players lack desire and fitness, its a total disgrace just now. Langfield, Webster, Kelly, Carswell and Agnew should have the shirts ripped off their back after today. Not good enough in the slightest
  4. The management are too busy trying to nulify the threats of the opposition rather than just going for teams and concentrating on ourselves. Just go at teams FFS rather than this pussyfooting pish that weve witnessed this season.
  5. We should be getting 6 points from the two league games.
  6. "Raymond" on facebook saying we're signing Shankland and Webster today.
  7. First half was shambolic.. Weve knew since the Killie game Thompson shouldnt be taking pens... Positives are McMullan and Gallagher look lethal together...
  8. Nothing to fear against this mob. We have beaten a lot better Rangers teams in the past. COYS
  9. Id fling Gallagher in right away. Front 3 of Morgan Gallagher and McMullan. Be very dangerous on the counter attack.
  10. Supposr its still on. Im sure we were after more than 1 striker.
  11. Would love Shankland in to complete what would look a very good strike force for this division
  12. I though McMullan was decent. Looks like he'll be a handful next season, fast and direct.
  13. Agnew was probably our best player. Carswell looked steady. Typical bounce game, decent for fitness
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