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  1. Only two things are cheap in Brazil: 1 - human life, and 2 - granite kitchen countertops. So unless you are seriously into home improvement, I can't recommend Brazil as a tourist destination, not even for the World Cup, nor the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro is like the Wild West, with added crack cocaine and AK47s. The state where this referee was beheaded, Maranhao, is in the dirt-poor north of the country, and is run by politician Jose Sarney as his own private kingdom. A total scumbag, he makes Westminster MPs look like saints. Rant over!
  2. Puttana Aziendale LOL Here is an interesting article from the BBC, with a possible explanation for why we pay so much attention to what celebrities do. "Viewpoint: Did our brains evolve to foolishly follow celebrities?" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23046602
  3. MC5, with the prophetic "Kick out the Jams"
  4. The German band Trio (They had a hit with "Da Da Da" in 1982.)
  5. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  6. Was somebody paid to design that? Was it Stevie Wonder, or the guy out of Peters & Lee?
  7. Yes, that was the point of the joke, that Celtic are playing AT HOME when they are playing in DUBLIN! Anything else people want explained - the theory of relativity, 2+2, how to build a javelin target?
  8. Now less than 7 weeks to the start of the season, will Hearts be around to fulfil their first fixture? Will they be around for our only home game against them on Dec 29th? Will they last the season? If they go kaput, after Aug 3, does the league continue with only 11 teams? We might lose income if they don't visit GHR on Dec 29, however if they fold mid-season would their share of the "SPL" wealth get divided up among the remaining 11 clubs?
  9. Is this the joke of the thread's title: So Celtic start the new season with 2 home games: Aug 3 v Ross County Aug 10 v Liverpool Bazinga!
  10. New sponsor, Heinz Alphabetti Spaghetti!
  11. So far I don't see a true pyramid system at all, what has happened is that a fifth level has been added to the SPFPFPL. This invites some questions: A) How is promotion up to this 5th Division going to be handled? Will it be on merit (i.e. a proper pyramid), or by invitation (i.e. by Cockwombling). Are the main Junior clubs likely to want to join in eventually? (Cos they sure as heck don't seem interested right now.) C) Why impose another league above the existing Juniors, East, and SofScot leagues - is this so that if/when it all goes tits up, there will be less damage to the current leagues? D) Why is the new league not also above the Highland League? E) How much money will be spent on the new Lowland League, and where will it come from? F) Will season tickets be valid? G) Was this new league established just in case The Govan Bluebells (again)/Jam Tarts/Killie get liquidated, and are not allowed to start afresh in Div3, to give them a place in the pyramid?
  12. Bobby McFerrin - "Don't worry be happy" (this one's for Neil Lennon )
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