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  1. buddiekev

    Ross Stewart sent off for U20s

    According to the Celtic Academy Twitter feed, the red card was for abusing the official.
  2. buddiekev

    Aaron Mooy

    I think you are right, according to this link (no idea how reliable it is) we would be entitled to 0.5% of any fee for each full season he was with us between the ages of 16 and 23. http://blog.fieldoo.com/2014/04/what-is-solidarity-contribution-in-football/ Was he here 2 seasons? That would be 100k, not to be sniffed at.
  3. buddiekev

    St Mirren Contract thread

    Along with Gary MacKenzie, Jack Baird had a tremendous game last night. Hopefully some more performances like that between now and the end of the season will not only mean we stay in the league but also ensure a new contract for him. I missed the last game down there, but if Baird was as bad as has been reported on here that night and after a shaky performance on Saturday, the character he showed last night was remarkable for such a young player. Noticed he was one of the players Jack Ross singled out for praise which would suggest to me that he knows he is a young player who has a great potential and nights like last night can only help his confidence.
  4. buddiekev

    St Mirren Contract thread

    I don't remember the particular match, but Jack Baird made the spfl team of the week earlier this season, the same week Rob McLean touted him as a future Scotland internationalist, now I'm not saying he will indeed go on to play for Scotland, we all know unless he gets a move to a 'big' club he more than likely won't and, as with almost any young player, consistency will be an issue, but I would suggest that recognition like that suggests he is capable of being a good squad player at least. I'm glad to see that the majority of the fans in this thread appear to be supporting Jack as in the past there have been too many instances where a section of fans have seemed almost eager to write off our young players.
  5. buddiekev

    it's Celtic in the Next Round

    Find it incredible that after going to a difficult venue and putting in a respectable performance there are people determined to find someone to have a go at. Yes, it wasn't the best pass from Stevie Mallan that led to the equaliser, but if it had found it's target we could be salivating over a fantastic pass leading to a great goal. Don't notice too many people having a go over poor decisions from Stephen McGinn leading to the second and third Celtic goals and quite rightly so, we were beaten by a better team with better players and we made them work for it. Let's celebrate what we done well instead of always looking for negatives. I'm disappointed to lose, of course I am, but proud of my teams performance and looking forward to Kirkaldy on Wednesday night.