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  1. http://www.camvista.com/england/london/trafalgarsquare_streaming.php try this one
  2. if only Goodwins free kick hit the back of the net instead of the post
  3. all this negativity should be kept for xmas when we are bottom of the league because thats what your all actually saying at least show a little patience and wait to see how things pan out before calling for the guillotine
  4. I honestly think your missing the point we have lost one game no matter when in the season it is adding players to a squad doesnt mean it improves it its only August and people have us relegated
  5. After 2 games?????? seriously???????
  6. Ryder Cup....one of the best excitement fuelled sporting events ever!!!!.....apart from Murray winning wimbers this does not include any game involving the super saints if Murray gets to the US final...yet again we will all be enthrawled with emotion beyond belief if the Ryder Cup comes down to the last two coming down the 18th with the Europeans needing a half This is what its all about.....pure excitement,emotion,enjoyment(not a lot),then the extacy when we win try telling that to some of the trumpets in here when the saints lose a game...and forget what its like to win a cup...short memories...or were you just pished
  7. is it a possibility that we wont be spending big till xmas (if need be) owing to the fact Hearts start 15 pts behind us
  8. Far to many worriers in here To base the coming season on one game?.....glad we didnt win 5-0 gimmie 10th and a cup final 16th of May and the 17th of March still rock for me
  9. Thats they'm drinkin all oor drink noo...bloody typical wee'll be gee'in them the vote next furfuxsake
  10. DL didnt play Carey due to fitness and blubber problems at the start of his term here... Beattie is a tub
  11. The Aberdeen managers job is a poisoned chalice
  12. All the rumblings down south at SW 19 about 77years and british winner in 1977 and the 7th of the 7th (yesterday) blah blah blah blah blah NO the real reason Andy won yesterday was as follows ANDY MURRAY Born May 15th 1987 ST.MIRREN scottish cup winners May 16th 1987 ST.MIRREN league cup winners 2013 ANDY MURRAY wins wimbledon 2013 Thats my theory and im sticking to it
  13. U Oh......You naughty boy Lex match day opening posts are "Shull's Joab"
  14. Cut adrift????? C'mon...do you think we will lose these games? oh my god...these opening fixtrues have relegation written all over them
  15. Guys...check the festive fixtures
  16. Home to Dundee UTD on boxing day Home to Hearts (?) between xmas and new year Away to Killie on Jan 1st Home to shellic on Jan 4th BRILLIANT fixtures for us at the festive period STOP f**kIN MOANIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Away to ICT Away to Ross County Home to plastic whistle 9pts stop moaning,these fixtures have got to be played at some point
  18. Stephan Hendry John Higgins Graeme Dott Jocky Wilson Andy Murray Paul Lawrie Sandy Lyle Jackie Stewart Sir Chris Hoy Dario Franchatti(spelling) All kinda prove your point
  19. saintargyll


    where are QOTS now?
  20. Contracts dont finish till the end of June so enjoy the break and stop worrying Imrie is not a player to get fussed about
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