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  1. That was more or less my thoughts before I posted. Just wanted to know how others felt. For me, it's all about the whole matchday experience and the present arrangements are not appealing. Happy to wait, as long as I can see it online.
  2. I'm a bit disappointed in the responses so far folks. They are way off topic. No surprise there eh? 😃 The original post was basically asking for your opinion concerning allowing pay-at-the-gate fans back into the ground first - as opposed to ST holders - providing some income to the club. If it is ST holders only, then this will cause a loss to the club. Personally, I would be happy to wait and watch the games online until thousands are allowed back in. What do you think?
  3. If the Club needs some dosh, as an ST holder, I wouldn't mind. Discuss
  4. Mibbes that fat blonde bird Gemma Collins fae The Only Way is Essex needed a rest and sat on it
  5. Why couldn't we play reserves/U21s/development squad players to fulfill the fixture?
  6. Same old pish. I really fear for us... and I'm an optimist! When are they going to realise it's not a training/bounce game? One other thing.. how does Gogic get away with all the fouls he commits?
  7. Where did you get £150 from Bud? On Official site it;s £59.99: How does the virtual season ticket work? Season ticket holders will have access to all home matches live. Season ticket holders will use individual login details which will provide access to live match day broadcasts from St Mirren Park. We have also agreed a deal with our new partners at Stream Digital that will see our season ticket holders given three months free access to the full St Mirren TV platform. Full access gives full match replays. Does that include away games?
  8. You buy an SMFC ST for £323 - you get a free stream of home games only. You live abroad (😄) and you buy SMFC TV for around £60 - you get both home and away games. Can someone explain that one to me please? Do ST holders even get access to a replay of the away games?
  9. Yeah! Beam the Zoom page to the Scoreboard, project it onto all stands and have the sound linked to the - now excellent - PA System... sorted.
  10. We could hire them out to 'the community' when not in use
  11. i notice the old bigot was The Rangers ex-Chairman of Vice... appropriate
  12. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I;m not reading through all the shite in a hope of joining in a similar discussion, but Furlough should be the norm for ALL Professional football players. Why should they be treated any different? If they have a massive Mortgage, then they can take a break in payments. If they have betting debts, hell mend them. If they have to cut down on their Tattoos, so be it! Think of the money they are saving on Coiffures 🧔 👨‍🦲 Plenty of people would love to get up to £2,500 a month. I hope Saints are using this scheme, like all sensible businesses should.. Stay Safe all 😷
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