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  1. Vambo57

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    ETA: No he didn't, you must be getting mixed up with another incident Bud. Sportscene didn't even show the 'offside' in their highlights. In the video above, at the exact point of the kick (you can pause and click each side on the red button to move a frame at a time), Kyle is 2-3 yds onside for a golden chance. These are the kinds of decisions you get when you are at the bottom and the official is very-well-paid-but-hopeless. FFs he is only about 10 yds away from the incident and in a great position to judge... he failed.
  2. Vambo57

    Humans Causing Climate Catastrophe Hoax.

  3. They were not mistakes. Dallas meant every one, real penalty or not. He was biased. He never gave the late one that actually was a penalty, as he did not want the distinction of holding the world record. That would bring far too much scrutiny from folk outside this biased/scared wee bubble called Scotland on him and his standside linesman, as to why the actual feck fouls in the outfield, turned into penalties. The spotlight would also have been turned on the corrupt SFA for not taking action on certain officials and players. As it is, abroad this is a curious wee story about funny wee Scotland. After a couple of years of Referees actually not giving The Rangers International decisions they probably should have, since Gerrard took over and started moaning about Refs, 'some' are reverting to 'type' or are scared of reprisals. Shhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Vambo57

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    FFS... When did Norman Wisdom, Reggie Kray and Lou Costello come to see The Buds?
  5. Vambo57

    Telly Programmes

    Yes. Can't remember what it was called, but was hosted by yon tiny fat, Scottish Comediene. I think he won that?.
  6. Vambo57

    Telly Programmes

    What do you mean by HDTV? Herbie defeated in the Head to Head, will be on again tomorrow
  7. Vambo57

    Samson to Sunderland

    Mibbes we will get a couple of Giants on Loan from Sunderland, by way of 'compensation'?
  8. Aha... Simon's that right, had a couple of years in that before we moved. Good pub!
  9. What's The Heilanman's called these days, Vambo? Dunno, when I left Renfrew abot 32 yrs ago, it was Morrison's and the last time I was down that way it was Mark Hateley's pub (dunno what it was called, but you could tell from the Blueness of it outside, that it had went downmarket!
  10. Linky no worky Herbie? Is that the one that would now be under the Piazza? Think I was on that bus too, but never got a pint. You were tall right enough! A green version similar to this, as I disremember: I think mine was The Heilanman's in Renfrew 1975 18p a pint. Me n the wife used to spend £2 on a night oot paying Pool and Cairds in there. Good Jukebox.
  11. Vambo57

    Punk in Paisley

  12. Vambo57

    Punk in Paisley

  13. Vambo57

    Punk in Paisley

  14. Vambo57

    Music Gigs

    Skalloween, a Ska weekender in Dumfries 26-27th Oct 15 bands over 2 days... skankin