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  1. Scottish football will not survive without rankgers? There are 10 diddy teams who each play ( on average ) 16 homes games = 160 games rankgers play 5 diddy teams twice at ipox and once away = 5 games rankgers play the other 5 diddy teams once at home and twice away = 10 games so in one league season rankgers visit diddy team grounds only 15 times (this does not include games with the other ugly sister) so basically all rankgers can account for is "under" 10% of income to other Scottish diddy teams are my maths wrong? of course "numbers on the day" do come into it but i dont see Scottish football going down the pan without them
  2. im not understanding this bit,but apparently rankgers has a rep at the hearing so all inside ipox knew who the pane l were and yet silly sally publicly asks for these people to be named and shamed...bizzare
  3. It was reported that Ally knew who the panel were in the first place by Tom English on Sportsound If true and something dreadful happens to any one of the panel then McCoist will be getting a visit from the boys in blue (oops! )
  4. Sadly i think the debacle over at rankgers has given a lot of "untrust" to any scheme at this moment in time added to that the KMG scenario that didnt help matters either its a real shame the timing of this takeover has been tarnished by the cheating brush of "the great institution" 6 miles down the road lots of people are scare to go into the water above the knee let alone take "the plunge" i'll repeat.....ITS A REAL SHAME
  5. Rankgers owe other football teams £3.3M http://sport.stv.tv/football/scottish-premier/r*ngers/302780-r*ngers-owe-over-33m-to-football-clubs/ Did someone mention that scottish football "needs" Rankgers?
  6. im longing for a pic that i can pin point that no one else knows (200 to go....in with a wee shout) you didnt by any chance,walk along the "backdoors" of Morar drive with your camera did you?
  7. my brother and sister went to carbrook before the family moved to foxbar and they then went to brediland before going on to stanley green
  8. thats up school wynd is it not....the building to the right as you walk towards the church....yes? think i went to sunday school there nope...just studied it again...its not up school wynd....sorry!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGjUxn0Ukjo&sns=fb older people will like this
  10. My grand father has a watch for 25 years service with polsons...so ill ask my dad what he remembers about the explosion
  11. We have such a beautiful town its a shame it is spoilt by boarded up shops
  12. I know this bridge very well since i use to put up the xmas lights for 15 years....happy daze!!
  13. They are in a coma awaiting the plug to be pulled
  14. 8 administrators @ £500 per hour working on the case.....guess who gets paid first
  15. my old man worked for the dairy when he was a boy his horse was called "teddy" told me many stories about the horses ....so funny
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