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  1. I would say the same about brophy.....who would of thought we could sign him
  2. How many goals has McGrath scored?
  3. I’m using it to be in here shrek
  4. At least I’m getting a shag rusty cock 😜
  5. at least he is right twice you? 🤣
  6. 2 things he is a tosser and you can’t guarantee 15-20 goals
  7. Finally laffatme booked for diving
  8. What a difference Flyniesta makes to our midfield
  9. yeah plays into our barra if we win tonight if we do we go 7th and play utd on sunday
  10. Tait was done Billy it was right to take him off
  11. 2 minutes before he was subbed an attack from us broke down at the edge of the fakes box and (forget the fakes player's name) ran down the line with tait chasing and got severely out paced .........tait, sadly had ran his race....was a good substitution
  12. Since they knocked us out of a top six place a 3-2 victory would be sweeter
  13. This is brutal jim needs to boot their baws at half time
  14. Let’s go this month undefeated 🙂
  15. put fraser back on the right...durmus at left back and tait in front of him
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