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  1. I have that the Kibble is going to step up their investment in the club ,let's hope so
  2. Agreed but it just annoying as we get no feedback from the club ,if they have a plan let us know ,we are all here to help ,we are the major shareholders because we the fans raised the money!
  3. Giffnock soccer just got themselves £250k in funding for 2 new 3g pitches ,maybe they could show our club how to go about getting external funding ,cos our lot have no idea !
  4. It's time the club made a statement about its future. 1 if it's done, it needs to raise probably £5k to £10k for a design of a permanent solution ( if Smisa members allowed 1 month of their subscriptions it would cover it ) or through a Just Giving social media appeal. 2 Only when we have this will we know the cost of the replacement. 3 its then that the Club/Charitable Foundation/Smisa/Kibble can start chasing funding from the Lottery /Council/and us the supporters . 4 if we are serious about being a community club ,doing nothing is not acceptable.
  5. What a great picture with the family stand in the background
  6. I think Scotland did the country proud throughout the Queens stay in Scotland , and with sun shining it looked glorious.
  7. Does anyone know who is the new facilities manager? DOME down and badly damaged depriving a lot of community projects being cancelled.
  8. The loan we got from the government is a long term liability ,not sure in accounts if it's a loss ,maybe taking the hit in one year ,to save tax on the loan being classed as income?
  9. Poor stuff ,need to get into their heads that these kind of performances are unacceptable!
  10. Still using an Architect from Dunfermline!!
  11. St Mirren have put in for planning permission for a WC unit somewhere in the ground. Only problem is Alan Wardrob used an Architectural practice from Dunfermline ! How many contracts that can be done in Paisley being outsourced out of the town?
  12. There is not a great deal of understanding of our 2 forwards ,in any of our combinations , flick offs not read, no interplay ,vast distancing from each other ,our centre forward taking the ball wide on the wing etc. We need 2 guys who work together to unsettle defences and can read each other's moves.
  13. I think he works hard but poor quality
  14. Great 3pts at home ,but Strain ,despite working hard ,is very poor quality
  15. Defensively we no longer have an outstanding goalkeeper who commands his box , the defenders are unsure whether to commit or hold back at times and he is not big enough at high balls ,all in all disasters will happen ever now and then ,needs replaced asao
  16. Let's face it having great keepers over the past seasons have saved us from relegation ,it will not this season
  17. Despite our best efforts on Saturday we lost and I did not see anything that makes me believe we will win ANY game ,its just not thete
  18. We are paying back government money over 20 years ,so nothing to worry about if our annual accounts allow for the annual payment and still show a profit and healthy cash balance.
  19. Not been updated ,woman in front of me this morning was buying season tickets
  20. He was trying to play 3 5 2 but it fell back to 5 3 2 so often and they got through us too often ,Motherwell will murder us if we play with this formation
  21. The mindset of all staff and players need to change ,it needs to be clearly stated that losing at home is totally unacceptable in any competition or friendly ,we need a winning mentality throughout the club.
  22. They applied for planning permission 15th July
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