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  1. Why won't Smisa chip in with £100k out of their income of £ 140k
  2. The stadium hospitality and 1877 bar area are unused for 90% of the week ,contrast that with Livingston which has numerous conferences and training sessions for weeks during the year
  3. If the board got their finger out and tried to connect with the Paisley people and lapsed supporters it would only need an extra 350 at home games to cover this so called shortfall
  4. Yes he and Josh Magennis were deemed "not up to our standard"
  5. Rangers fans should be applauded for their behaviour in Seville
  6. Let's ditch that name and give it a name that we keptkeep for the next 10 years, St Mirren Park or the Paisley Stadium ,at least that would let outsiders know where St Mirren play. Dump Smisa stadium!
  7. Numbers ,that thecrux of the matter. If we could get an extra 1000 of our own fans at home games we would not need the Old firm money. We need the club to have a campaign in Paisley to connect with the people of Paisley. Posters leaflets, players attending schools hospitals ,functions. I dont think we had a food collection this year? This should happen at every game and should be well publicised I reckon we have only some 3% of the Paisley public as season ticket holders surely we can do better ,and MUST do better.
  8. Pretty similar in England big gap down to 4th
  9. Are you a St Mirren supporter? It was 1981 He was great player great Manager
  10. The man that that got us third place in the old League 1 and took us into Europe. Should we not have a statue of him outside the ground or the very least name a stand after him?
  11. Where do Livingston get all these giant black players from?
  12. What's the update on next years kit?
  13. Great to get that victory but this being the first Saturday home win since 2019 sums up how low we have become over the years
  14. Taits legs have gone Fraser is a poor defender but ok going forward, need better players in
  15. Is there a list of who is in the Hall of Fame?
  16. In perspective Main playing well is still way below the level of performance we need in this League
  17. Jobs for boys ,we should be renamed Motherwell old boys
  18. waldorf34


    Retired 10 years now and loving it!
  19. waldorf34


    Another politician on the Smisa board?
  20. Average deaths /day this week are 50% higher than last week and cases at 2700 today show it's not going away
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