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  1. That's our problem. We can play 5 games, get 5 draws and feel smug we are undefeated. Accies or RC or Fakes play 5, lose 3 but shitfest two 1-0 wins giving them 6 points with their 3 defeats. We need to start winning games. The odd point here or there will see us go down
  2. The pitch might be ok but people have to travel ,not forgetting the first 20 rows will be soaking wet and the supporters there will be drenched all night
  3. It should be off ,asking the public to travel in this weather is mental!
  4. Smisa paid him off last year along with the other directors
  5. The left hand side seems incapable of stopping crosses coming in.Basic stuff ,get closer and close down their right foot,our guys stand yards away.
  6. Dont be bringing facts to a propaganda campaign.lol Could be worse ,I see the Fans Council are having their Burns Supper on Valentine's day, great planning!
  7. It's a fact Kibble are not investing in St Mirren,they are just buying shares from GS, thereby breaking the GS/Smisa agreement.The cash is going to the Chairman ,who until he says otherwise, will not be investing any of the cash into the club. It's a fact that this minority shareholder has demanded veto rights in the running of the club.
  8. Why are there a)reminders to vote going out and b)directors asking people to go onto to Facebook to back the deal. Low voting g?
  9. I think the difference is last year we were fighting for our lives, whereas this year we are just trying not to lose a game.
  10. We do not look like we can beat anybody, yes we are hard to beat and get a few draws ,but never getting 3 points
  11. And are the Kibble kids going to be paid the living wage?
  12. The fans dont need to "run" the club they can remove Gus and replace him with a qualified CEO to run it on a daily basis. Make TF the Director of Football ,so you only need fans input at Directors meetings.
  13. The difference is selling the 20%now the money goes to GS and not to the club,
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