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The Arthurlie Football Club Thread


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Today Arthurlie leave the Glasgow over  spill inspired development of Barrhead and make toward the ancient and Royal Burgh of Johnstone and to Keanie Park.

Who do I want to win?


Lets just say


Gang Forward



Note:  You don't see as many three legged stray dugs in Barrhead as you once did.  



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Athurlie were VERY lucky to escape Keanie park with a point.


Must be said the Burgh were fantastic from the off, carving out a really good chance in the very first minute.


The LIE had much of the ball but dogged defending from the Burgh saw very little in way of threat.  In fact just before Arthurlie equalised the LIE keeper made a desperate save to keep it at only one nil.


Good crowd, good football with only an unjust late goal to dampen the spirit of the Burgh.  


Of course Arthurlie have the league sewn up, that's what happens when you have more money than those around you.  Boring!!!!!


The Burgh however are still in a promotion race, despite having little in the way of resources.  Remind you of anyone?


Gang forward.


Arthurlie aren't even a Renfrewshire club, f**kem



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