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Massimo Donati

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1 hour ago, DougJamie said:

There are 92 English League Teams , 10 potential Scottish Premiership teams................. every time one of them sacks a manager ( about one a week) Jack will be in frame zzzzzzzzzzz

Yes I'm aware of the number of teams in both England and Scotland.

Assuming he doesn't want to step down too far in the order of things, that brings the number down to a maximum of 44 in the top two leagues in England, of which he won't get a sniff, at present, for the top 16 in the Premier league, so you are then down to 28 of which a large number have a happy relationship with their present Manager. So allowing for say another 10 in the third tier of England you might hazard a guess that there might be a list of say 20 clubs in England that might  consider a Scottish second tier Manager as a risk that is worth taking.

Yes he will be considered fair game for the ten top spots in Scotland, but I would hazard a guess that neither of the Glasgow twins would take him from Paisley (at present).

So to summarise your post maybe 28 clubs might consider him, but in that 28 he will be up against quite a number of well established Managers who know both the players and the system in England, so going there is less likely at present.

The most likely move would be to a bigger club in Scotland, and I might even include Dundee Utd in that number, just as many of our players are targeted by bigger Scottish Clubs so might JR. Once he has proved himself on that stage, then yes the opportunities will arise from a broader field.


Just saying.................     zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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