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  1. Soctty

    January Arrivals

    Honestly he's as thick as mince...
  2. Soctty

    January Arrivals

    I think it's less fitness and more wanting to be sure we're not bringing in more players that will need to be paid off...
  3. Soctty

    January Signings

    What for?
  4. Soctty

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    It definitely is.
  5. Soctty

    Cammy Smith

    The manager has seen a squad bereft of quality, and has acted to make sweeping changes. The fact that fan favourites have been shown the door should have no bearing on his position - he makes the decision on who to keep or punt based on what he has seen, and what he has seen has clearly not been good enough from the vast majority of the squad he inherited. On the subject of Eckersley and Smith, one has gone to Forfar, suggesting there was very little interest in him from the league below us never mind the one we're in. The other has gone to a team in the league he excelled in, which also shows where other teams are in their opinion on the player. I loved both players' performances for us over the 18 months from the beginning of 2017, a period which was one of our best in many years. However, we are at the highest level in this country now, and unfortunately Eckersley suffered injuries which prevented him impressing the new managers, while Cammy hasn't produced the same performances in the Premiership as he did in the Championship. Good luck to both, but mostly, good luck to Oran Kearney and the players who will still be representing us from here on.
  6. Soctty

    Cammy Smith

    That's why I have him in ignore. Self indulgent garbage is all he has.
  7. Soctty

    Cammy Smith

    Sad to see Cammy go, but the fact is that alongside so many others, he has failed to perform when given the opportunity. Terrific player in the Championship, but maybe doesn't quite have the pace or physicality to be as effective at the top level in this country. Forever a legend for his efforts and excellence during the great escape and the title winning season. All the best.
  8. Soctty

    Opposition January Signings

    Unless he left now, in which case it would cost Rangers a fee.
  9. Soctty

    January Exits

    Currently 21 in the squad according to the updated list on Wikipedia. This could change by the time I've finished typing though.
  10. Soctty

    Opposition January Signings

    You can go and support Cammy Smith FC as soon as he forms that club...
  11. Soctty

    Opposition January Signings

    Low only signed for QoS this month so I'd be surprised if he was going to Dundee. Key thing is that nobody is making loads of instant signings. All clubs need to get players out before spending to bring others in.
  12. Soctty

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    I suspect he knows more than you...
  13. Soctty

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    It's not like him to lack the stomach for a battle, and to write off the manager as soon as possible...
  14. Soctty

    Motivation Required

    So much cringe...
  15. Cammy was brilliant last season, but it is undeniable that he has been poor almost every time he's taken to the pitch this season. From the early games where we moaned he was out of position, to all the other games where he was played centrally and achieved very little of note. No doubt he has ability, but perhaps not enough to be the player in this league that he was in the Championship. Maybe that lack of pace is what really affects him in the top league. Sad to see, but hope he goes somewhere he can get back playing and enjoying his football again.