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  1. Don't think so - he was on the bench. Manager clearly preferring to stick with the backline that has seen us be more solid in recent weeks.
  2. We played well enough, hit them on the break and had more efforts on target over the piece, despite having less possession. We play on the counter because it allows us to be solid at the back and use players like McAllister, McPherson and Lyons to support the lone frontman. We brought Nazon on in the second half to try to force the issue, having restricted Kilmarnock to very few chances up to that point. I'm happy for us to go this way most weeks, as it has (up to last night) allowed us to pick up points when we weren't fancied to get them. I am confident we can nick a point on Saturday, and possibly more.
  3. I rarely come on now. Too many dafties among the good posters.
  4. You're supposedly a grandfather - maybe time to grow up a bit?
  5. I think that now we have all our signings in,and most should be at a decent level of fitness, we should see more consistency in team selection. Hladky, Popescu and Musek are all certain starters due to their performances so far. I wouldn't bet against the new right back making that slot his own as well sooner rather than later, giving us decent defence. Up front I would expect Nazon and Jackson to start most games, with Nazon preferred over Jackson. Midfield is the area that still provides most problems. Many were pleased with Tansey's signing, and most of those have now written him off completely. He is still a good player, and could still offer something, but we need the likes of McPherson, Lyons and Erhahon to give us energy in the midfield, with the likes of Dreyer and McAllister providing creativity. I'm not writing us off yet. I'm aware that this patience will be alien to some on this thread, but I've been over this course before and would rather have hope than resignation to see me through.
  6. Hladky and Popescu look already up to speed. I expect the likes of Lyons, Dreyer and Tansey to be not far behind, with the Duck and the new full backs getting there also.
  7. Hladky is on an 18 month deal, while Popescu is on loan til the end of the season with a view to a permanent move. Lyons just signed for Blackburn, so I would imagine any permanent deal is out of the question on that one. The Romanian left back is on loan in a similar deal to Propescu I believe, while Muzek is out of contract in the summer, so would be available to sign permanently if we choose.
  8. I hope we win and keep the cup run going. If nothing else it gives the fans something else to cheer about, and it also means more games which can help the team to gel, and also provide a wee confidence boost.
  9. Don't highlight his nonsense - people might find out he's either clueless or a liar with an agenda...
  10. Paul McGinn has already in his career played right back, left back, centre back and right midfield - he would have no problem playing in the middle. He's a competitive player with the energy and stamina his brother lacks at the moment. Lyons is an attacking player, and is not defensively minded, evidenced by the way he failed to track the run for their winner. Much better in attacking areas. Erhahon has already coped with being thrown in against Rangers out of position - he would have no problem going into his natural position and providing a more physical and energetic option in midfield. Tansey can pick up time off the bench - I would have no problem with him starting, but it seems he has already been singled out by a section of the support without much to back up their ire. Agree re keeping some attacking threats on the bench - Mullen and Lyons for me, with Cooke hopefully back soon. I'm expecting an improvement again on Saturday from the likes of Dreyer, McAllister and Lyons in attacking areas, with a wee bit more sharpness and movement from the Duck. More than anything, I am expecting us to win.
  11. "Stubbs' players or not" - the fact that all bar one are no longer currently at the club, it suggests that Stubbs' signings were horrific. It's a very poor record, but for me he is properly judged from here on in, with his own team in place, and it seems there are a few of them who could turn out to be very good signings.
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