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  1. Not been on here in a long time. This kind of post reminds me why. Good to see you haven't changed, and you're still an arrogant w a n k. 😚
  2. I support the request. I had no preconceived ideas about what the quarterly spend should be used for, other than it was in things to benefit the club, and/or the community.
  3. Be surprised if we didn't sign another centre back.
  4. Jim Goodwin is my choice. Has done, with Alloa, a similar sort of job to that which he'd be tasked with here. He took a club on a much smaller budget than their rivals and made them hard to beat, while also playing decent football. He's also a club legend which is a bonus. Just give it to him, if he'll take it.
  5. Absolutely spot on. Kearney's commuting has had little to no effect on his management of the club. More to this than relocation imo.
  6. Would be great to get Popescu back, and hopeful Gary Mack will sign on again, and hopefull stay fit. I think we need a bit more in midfield, and a couple of wide attackers, as well as some more versatile squad players. Hope to see some movement soon on incomings.
  7. I think personally he'd be wasted out wide. His hard work and physicality is ideally suited to battling with central defenders. For a small guy he appears to have great strength, and is better in the air than his height would suggest. The most important thing though is that he scores goals. Bar Cooke's quickfire hattrick, Mullen was our biggest goal threat, and especially when he was given a run of starts. Time will tell, but good to see reasoned debate on the subject.
  8. Mullen was our most prolific striker - of players with more than the equivalent of 5 whole games played - with a goal every 280 minutes last season in the Premiership. For comparison, Jackson got 1 every 354 minutes, Nazon 1 in his 478 minutes. Cooke had a far better record due to his hat trick against Dundee, but only played 310 minutes in total, with the 3 goals coming in one 24 minute purple patch. He and Mullen could make a very good partnership. Mullen also got crucial goals in the play off final, the goals that won us the opener against Dundee, and also the winner against Dundee away, plus a late equaliser against St Johnstone and the goal that put us ahead at Livingston, both in the post split fixtures, which helped us avoid bottom spot. Danny has proven he can score goals at the level we are at. Hopefully he can steer clear of injuries and get a clear run next season.
  9. Jeez there are some dinosaurs on here... 🙄
  10. So Jimmy Nicholl comes in as first team coach, and everyone is up in arms that we're appointing another coach. Jimmy Nicholl's conrtact isn't renewed, he leaves, and everyone is up in arms that he's away. As long as we've got something to moan about...
  11. Our fate is now in our own hands - that's something few thought we'd be able to say a few weeks ago when we were 7 adrift of 10th. I'm very confident we are more than capable of finishing the job over the next few weeks.
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