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Goodwin Please, Not Neilson


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2 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Let me ask you a question, are you REALLY not aware he just spams up the forum with little, or no, point to any of his posts?

This was one of the reasons he got sin binned a few years ago, actually coming out with something like "me culpa" in recognition this was his game.

You're perfectly entitled to play along, I think it's messing up the forum, but that's up to the moderator to decide, if only. :byebye

Toxic Titch from Arbroath indirectly crying like a baby to Div. What a wee insignificent troll he is. And he is the only troll on the Forum although he is assisted by a few others who havent sussed the Old Firm gloryhunter out yet.

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6 hours ago, antrin said:

Forgive fartaway his envy, Rascal!

You’re stealing his limelight… :)


He is envious and jealous of many on here now and gone before and he takes his wrath out mostly on a more than decent 76 year old pensioner from Stirling and yourself.

He is just a bully.

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