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What do you consider success this season?

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I am really excited by the prospect of us fielding a young, tall, strong team who are not backfilled by the usual suspects, but supplemented by pasionate guys like Stephen McGinn, Sammy and Flynn. Forgive me for the leap in comparison, but what Stubbs attempting to do has the feel of the current engerland set up. Lots of young, big strong lads with a real hunger to show what they can achieve as a united group.

who knows how it will play out, but by christ its better than waiting to see which OF, or round the block duds from scottish football end up in the stripes!

Doesnt get a lot of mention due to other headline grabbing guys but Flynn has been a real top notch signing. Consistently good. He will be one of our top players this season again.



ETA - 10th or above would be mission accomplished. Add either a place or 2 in the league or a good cup run/win for success.

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On 7/10/2018 at 9:03 AM, Doakes said:

As it says on the tin!

What would you consider to be "success" this season?

Great discussion my forum friend, great discussion indeed


For me it is a top six or not far off.  My reasoning behind this is that we have a great chairman who backs his manager (I evidience this by the fact that we signed 11 players during the January window last year, what great confidence to show) .  It will be a great season, even if  I dont knowwho the majority of my team are come kick off versus Dundee


Come on ye Saints, Come on ye Saints indeed


PS Smisa are Cnuts...now we have a great Chairman let us trap him forever

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