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faraway saint

St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

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3 hours ago, st jock said:

How much time would you have given Stubbs? Serious question because, you may find this hard to believe but I remember some numpty starting a Jack Ross must go thread a few weeks after he started, and he didn't have the luxury of bringing in his own players. Crazy eh?

He doesn’t have an answer for that question.

He’s just chosen an agenda to pedal that goes against the grain of opinion that most of the fanbase share, much like a child he feels the need to shout and scream at every opportunity to anybody that will rise to him.

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18 minutes ago, TPAFKATS said:
4 hours ago, HSS said:
The wee fanny that ran on the pitch was fined £200 at Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday.

Banning order as well?


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St Mirren will ban him from our Stadium.
They then might ban all the Sevco fans who came over the boundary wall.
Aren't St. Mirren too busy looking through their state of the art cctv to see who threw the coin /pie tray/ golden ticket at the rangers player?

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